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  • January 7, 2020

3win8 Malaysia is one of the many options for Malay players to play casino games online. Getting started in online casino gambling can be an exciting first step in what could hopefully become a flourishing journey to wealth. Although not many really make it that far, there is a great enjoyment to be had to at least give it a go.

If like many others, you have a tight restriction which prevents you from actually getting on to online casinos like 3win8 Malaysia, you may have already found yourself an online casino agent who can give you all the accounts you need in order to get around certain hurdles preventing you from having a flutter. This casino agent is most likely to have a nice spread of advertised casino codes which can give you even more for your money. But how exactly do online casino codes work and what should you be looking for?

What’s the point?

All the businesses which fall under the ‘online casino Malaysia’ category will undoubtedly present you with a list of different offers and exclusive casino codes which can offer you a series of perks.

From a business point of view, the general idea and the end goal is to get you as a player to spend more money on their site. Most occasions this direct attack of marketing works as everyone loves something for free. The extra amount of money rolling into the casinos pays for the advertising so the casino will benefit in every circumstance.

For you as a player, bonuses offered by the online sites like 3win8 Malaysia will give you more money or spins to play with so you can carry on having lots of fun and trying to win some money too.

Types of bonus codes on offer at 3win8 Malaysia

The actual bonus offers available do vary depending on each individual online casino, however, the general concept will usually be the same.

One of the most common bonuses you will come across is the first deposit bonus. This is found on most online casino Malaysia and they are designed to make you put a higher initial deposit on to their site. Offerings can be anything from an extra 10 to 50 % on top of your deposit, giving you a substantial increase in funds to play with online. There can be catches involved, such as not being able to withdraw any winnings until you have reached a certain point, but if you are enjoying the experience it doesn’t matter too much.

Other bonus codes for 3win8 Malaysia include the allocation of free spins for the slot machines. This sometimes tallies in with a new launch for a brand new game to the online casino, or sometimes there are competitions to try and earn an extra bonus. Your chosen online casino agent would be able to give you more details on specific promotions by the casinos you join up with.

Behind the scenes information for Malaysian Players

Working out which are the best casino bonus codes will give you the edge on which bonuses can really do you a favour, and which ones are put in place to entice you to spend all your funds.

Reading the previous sentence, you’d know straight away that you’d want to make something out of a bonus you apply for with a casino like 3win8 Malaysia, however, there are a lot of players who get caught out by the clever marketing.

Here’s an example. Which of these two bonuses look more appealing?

  1. 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 500 MYR (Wagering Requirements 30x)
  2. 150% Deposit Bonus Up To 800 MYR (Wagering Requirements 10x)

Looking at these bonus codes you’d be inclined to look at the bonus which can give a larger amount of funds, yes? This catches a lot of players from online casino Malaysia out. What they fail to do is read on to the wagering requirements. This is a big game-changer.

Wagering requirements mean that you need to spend 30 x your deposit in order to start playing with real money and not the bonus funds, compared to the 15 x on the other offer. Yes, the amount may be lower, but slow and steady can always win some kind of race.

When looking through the bonus codes available with your online casino agent for 3win8 Malaysia and other casinos, it is definitely worth slowing down a moment and reading all of the terms and conditions attached to the bonuses so that you make the right decision and not get caught off guard.

Other catches to watch out for

In addition to the enhanced amount of bonus funds to plough through in order to get to the real money, online casinos implement other clauses into some of their bonus codes which you should be made aware of.

3win8 Malaysia makes players aware of these stipulations when it comes to some of the bonuses being offered;

  • Not all games on the casino site may count towards the wagering requirement. This means that not all games and slots on the selected casino site may be able to contribute to the total you have to spend on the site in order to start gaining access to real money. Make note of the games which are included and play those. Don’t waste loads of money on games that don’t count.
  • Watch out for free spins. Just as attractive as the additional funds being offered to your online casino account, free spins can also have conditions attached which also involve wagering requirements. Read everything first before jumping into any bonus deals you will find difficult to get out of.
  • Check out the maximum total bets. Yet another clause worked into some of the bonuses offered through online casino sites. By reading through the small print you may notice that some of the bonus codes mention maximum total bets. This means that if you are wagering higher bets in order to reap more money in you could actually be losing out.

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