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  • January 1, 2020

Whether you are new to online gambling or you are a seasoned Malaysian casino player and you have just come across this post, then well done! You are about to digest some of the most valuable information about how to get access to 918Kiss Malaysia. Some of the information we will give you in our casino reviews, slot overviews, and online casino blogs most players do not get to understand until they learn the hard way after wasting tons cash.

Where can I find the best 918Kiss Malaysia casino agents?

Malaysian citizens cannot sign up directly to the 918kiss casino. Instead, 918kiss Malaysia uses operators known as ‘casino agents’ or ‘casino operators’ who are basically the middlemen between you and the casino.

Some of the best casino agents we have come across operate out of Malaysia. Malaysian casino operators give continuous access to the 918kiss gaming network and excellent customer service. Some agents will give you access to 918kiss as well as some a range of other mobile casinos similar to 918kiss.


How do I gain login access to 918kiss Malaysia?

The aim of the game is to get a username and password at 918kiss Malaysia. Once you have this, you will be able to deposit real money to your account. There are 4 very simple steps to achieve this as a Malaysian player:

  1. Find a trustworthy online casino agent with 27/7 support and multiple channels of communication i.e. WhatsApp, live chat, Wechat, Messanger, LINE, Skype, and email
  2. Sign up for an account with the casino agent’s website
  3. Download the 918kiss casino app from your agent’s website
  4. Make a deposit with your casino agent’s website
  5. The agent’s support team will give you your username/password (your new  account will have already been credited with the amount that you deposited plus any bonus money

At step number 4 when making the deposit, you can take advantage of one of the many MYR deposit match bonus codes at 918kiss Malaysia.


What 918Kiss Malaysia casino bonus codes are available?

There are now tons of different bonus codes available for 918kiss Malaysia. These bonuses are displayed on the casino agent’s website. As the 918kiss games’ section is mixed between table games and online slots, you can expect most 918kiss promotional deals to be either table game or slot related.

Below we have listed some of the most common 918kiss bonus deals and promotions you will see offered by Malaysian casino agents:

  • Sign up today for 10% Unlimited Slot Bonus!
  • Join now for up to 300 MYR/SG ‘Daily Combo Bonus’
  • 150% Slot Welcome Bonus
  • 30% Daily Super Slot bonus
  • 10% Unlimited Slot Bonus with only x1 wagering turnover

The welcome bonuses are always a good incentive, but you should also consider the regular bonus deals being offered too. The welcome bonus is short-lived, and so casino agents offering a decent array of regular bonuses will give you the best value for money.


Which casino bonus codes offer the best value?

One of the keys benefits to being an experienced online gambler is that you are able to spot a bonus code for what it is. The art of being able to understand how the bonus terms and conditions work can help you reduce the casino’s edge. For example, look at the two bonuses below:

  1. 100% Deposit Match Bonus Up To 1,000 MYR (Wagering Requirements 50x)
  2. 100% Deposit Match Bonus Up To 500 MYR (Wagering Requirements 15x)

Number 1 looks more attractive to a beginner because the bonus offers double the amount. However, this is because most newbies do not understand the last part – ‘wagering requirement’ which is a common condition all Malaysian casino agents place on their bonuses. It also tells you how many times you need to bet the bonus amount given before you will be able to use it as real money.

Using option 1 you would need to bet the bonus money at least 50x. Even if you were given a 500 MYR bonus, you would need to bet that amount 50x before you can withdraw it as cash. In all likelihood, you will lose it all before you are even halfway. On the other hand, if you opted in for number 2, you will only need to bet 15x the amount which gives you a much better chance at converting the bonus into cash.

Although wagering requirements are the most important terms and conditions, there are other details in the small print that you may also want to check.

  • Games on which your bets will not count towards the wagering requirement
  • Max win limits applied to your bonus i.e. max win 500 MYR
  • Check what the maximum total bet allowed using bonus money
  • If free spins are offered, check the wagering requirements again


Why use a Malaysian 918Kiss ‘Casino Agent’?

The laws on gambling in Malaysia forbids you to use any financial facilities opened within Malaysia or with any Malaysian financial institution for purposes of gambling. This also means the casinos cannot accept cash payments from Malaysian citizens. These are the reasons why the online casino industry in Malaysia is not as easy to access as it is in countries in which they allow their citizens to gamble freely.

To get around these laws, casinos such as 918kiss Malaysia have been designed with infrastructure and processes so Malaysians can have access to as well as fund a casino account online. The only way the casino can accept your money is through offshore bank accounts, and most Malaysians do not have an offshore account. Therefore, the casino agent is needed as a middleman to pass the money back and forth.

  • You deposit your MYR to your casino agent
  • The agent places your deposit into a 918kiss account
  • Casino agent sends you logins
  • You start to make real money bets


Do I need to send proof of ID or personal information?

918kiss Malaysia casino and casino agents take pride in offering anonymous real money gaming services.

From the very moment you sign up to a casino agent’s website to the point you receive your logins to a 918kiss user account that has already been credited with your deposit – you are never asked or neither are you obliged to provide any personal identification and you do not need to use your real name.

Even the account logins giving you access to a 918kiss casino account use random usernames and passwords that are not in any way associated with your real name.


Is the connection to kiss918 Malaysia secure?

Now that is privacy at its best. Meanwhile, all the time you are connected to 918kiss from a Malaysian based internet access point, the casino encrypts the connection between your device and casino using financial grade 128-bit SSL security certificates. The connection created with the casino is similar to a VPN.


How do I use my Malaysian casino operator’s website?

When you first log on to the backend of your casino agent’s website, you will likely be met with a custom-designed log in area. Here you will see 918kiss Malaysia as well as a host of other mobile casino brand names being offered by the same casino agent. All you need to do is follow the banking instructions so you can make the deposits into the right accounts.

Some agent websites will give you instructions to use an automatic deposit machine (ADM) to deliver the cash into their bank account. This is the most anonymous option available to you. If you are ok making a straight bank transfer via internet banking to the agent’s bank account, then this is a less anonymous option and also perfectly safe.

Once you have made your transaction, via ADM or transfer, you might need to send proof of the transaction. All that is required is that you upload a picture of the receipt in most cases.

Make sure you keep your username and password access to the casino agent website very secure because all your login information to 918kiss accounts with a real money balance are all stored in your log in area.

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