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  • January 5, 2020

918kiss mobile is a casino platform that comes with two mobile application downloads -one for Android users and one for iOS users. In this particular guide, we are going to give you an FAQ so you can get acquainted with exactly how the 918kiss mobile casino app works and the kind of mobile gaming experience you can expect.

One of the most important points you will learn while reading this FAQ is how to use casino agents in order to download and install the 918kiss mobile application. Casino agents are key to helping you get a 918kiss mobile gaming account as well as helping you get anonymously top up your 918kiss account with real money.

Which mobile casino games are available?

There are over 150 mobile games on 918kiss mobile. These are titles from some of the most well-known mobile casino gaming developers in the industry. All the games are available for real money bets and you can easily get the app and anonymously deposit cash into an ADM. You will need to sign up for an online casino agent in order to get your 918kiss mobile username and password.

  • Online slots
  • Mobile Blackjack
  • Mobile Roulette
  • Mobile Baccarat
  • Mobile Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Mobile Oasis Poker
  • Mobile Sic-Bo and other dice games
  • Mobile shark fishing game

These are just a few of the games available on the 918kiss mobile app. All of the games on this list are virtual RNG (Random Number Generator) operated. Currently, 918kiss does not have any live casino dealers or croupiers. However, mobile live dealer games could be added at any point using the Playtech live casino platform. so watch this space.


Is the 918kiss mobile app available on Windows?

The 918kiss mobile application is not available for Windows Mobile or Windows desktop operating systems. It a mobile casino application that has specifically targets Android and iOS smartphone and tablet users. If you have a Windows Mobile device then you will need to exchange it for an Android or iOS. Alternatively, Windows Mobile owners, as well as those that want to play on desktop, can try out Newtown or Ace333 casinos.

  • No windows download
  • No desktop download


How much memory does the mobile casino app use?

It may seem that because this is a mobile casino with 100s of games that the 918kiss mobile app is going to take up all your space on your device. Overall there are around 150 mobile games at this casino but you will not download all 150 when the application is installed. The way the application works is that it will download a skeleton version of each game on-demand.

Once the game is downloaded via the mobile app, then it will be installed permanently. Note that the games will not download onto your device until you specifically select the game because you want to try it out. It will only do this when you click on the game itself. The game can then connect to the kiss918 servers. Using this method each game will take up a little over 5mb each.

Therefore, if you were to install the skeleton of every mobile game on your device, then you would use roughly 500mb to 750mb of physical memory. However, most people have 20 to 30 favourite games that they play and so on average, the 918kiss mobile app takes up 150mb to 200mb of physical memory.

  • Each game takes up roughly 5mb of physical memory
  • Games download on-demand when you request to play


Do I have to pay for the mobile app download?

No. You can download the 918kiss mobile application from any online casino agent’s website. The online casino agent will also give you your logins and deposit real money into your 918kiss casino account. Using the agent is totally free as the agent has an agreement with the casino. In fact, using an agent for mobile casino gaming will also mean you get additional free bonus cash when you make your first deposit, plus you will get tons of regular bonuses offered to you.

  • The 918kiss mobile app is free to download
  • Download the APK or iOS install files from any casino agent website


How do I get login access to the mobile casino?

Once you have installed the mobile casino app, the only way to get logins is either find free play logins online or sign up to what we call ‘online casino agents’. These agents are the middleman between you and 918kiss casino. You cannot sign up directly with 918kiss mobile because of monetary related laws that make it difficult for the casino to take payments directly from Southeast Asian online casino players.

As a result of these laws, you will need to sign up for an account with the casino agent, make your deposit with the agent, and your mobile casino will be credited with real money. The agent will then give you an anonymous login account so you can play. When you win and you want to withdraw, you tell your agent, and the payment will be processed according to the options available to you.

  • Use a casino agent to get an anonymous login account
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be achieved through your agent


What can I expect to see when I log on to the app?

When you log on to your mobile casino app, you will be presented with a neat and tidy mobile casino with an account balance and sections dividing the casino games into categories such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, online slots, progressive jackpot slot games and so on. The games will auto-size to fit your device’s screen size as the games have all be designed to be mobile responsive hence the tag ‘mobile games‘.

  • Responsive mobile casino interface for account management
  • All mobile games are responsive and will adjust to your screen size


Can I win on mobile progressive jackpot slots?

Yes, you can. One of the great things about playing at 918kiss is that there are tons of mobile jackpot slots. These progressive slots will be displayed in the currency you use to sign up with. Some of the slots can pay up to US$1 million currency equivalent to the currency you are using to play. The 918kiss mobile casino accepts USD, MYR, and SGD at this time, so you will need to find a casino agent that will convert currencies or add your selected currency to your mobile casino balance.

  • Jackpot slots can pay up to the equivalent of US$1 million in your currency
  • 918kiss mobile has games available in USD, SGD, and MYR

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