918kiss Online Casino FAQ
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  • January 3, 2020

Here you will find all frequently asked questions about the 918Kiss online casino. It is the new version of SCR888 online casino. In January 2018 SCR888 decided that it would brand its casino with a more modern look to reward its huge list of members. Today, 918Kiss has a well-designed multi-device online casino app that works on both iOS and Android. Another option is available is to play at this casino on your desktop or laptop device via an Android emulator app installed on a Windows OS.

What is 918Kiss online casino?

This is an iOS and Android mobile casino home to over 150 mobile-optimized online casino games. Both smartphone and tablet players have access to real money casino games such as online slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, arcade games, and more.

All table games can be played using high to low stakes bet in MYR, USD, or SGD. The casino takes deposit via a casino agent so you can make real money bets.

  • Play real money casino games
  • Casino games on Android & iOS
  • Smartphone and tablet gaming
  • online slots and casino card games

Which 918Kiss online casino game sections are available on the app?

918Kiss online casino has focused its effort on providing players with several gaming sections so you can filter only the casino games you are interested in playing. If you want to play roulette games, then just go to the 918kiss roulette game category where all the casino’s roulette tables will be listed.

  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Dragon Tiger
  • The Bull
  • Online Monkey
  • Racing Car
  • Online Monkey Plus
  • Online Shark
  • Online Phoenix
  • Online Forest Dance
  • Single Poker

The casino’s online gaming sections will continue to add new games as 918kiss is connected to three main casino software developers who each release at least 15 new online casino titles every year.


Which slot titles does the 918Kiss online casino host?

The 918Kiss online casino has almost 100 video slot titles. All the slot titles at this casino have been designed to adapt the game’s code to all types of iOS devices as well as to the numerous smartphone and tablet models with an Android operating system.

The technology used by the casino ‘s game delivery system will detect the screen size, internet connection speed, and hardware in your device, and then send the best possible version so you get the best online slot gameplay according to your device’s capabilities.

Here are just some of the Android and iOS online slot games available at 918Kiss online casino:


Video slot games are some of 918kiss casino’s most popularly played casino games. In fact, we have dedicated an entire section to online slots on the 918kiss home page of our website – just look for the 918kiss Slots section or click here.


How do I know the game results are fair?

All games at the 918kiss online casino use random number generators also known as RNGs. These are complex algorithms that have been designed to hold billions of possible card hand, dice, or slot reel combinations for the games they have been designed for.

An RNG will be attached to its relevant game tasked with the job of holding the combinations to all possible outcomes on a casino game. When you open the game, the RNG will begin to continuously flick through thousands of these combinations per second until you select one.

For example, if you were to spin the reels on an online slot, then millions of reel combinations will be flicking through the RNG. As soon as you press the start button, you will stop the RNG on a combination. The reels will spin on the slot game, and the final result will be the combination you stopped the RNG on.

  • All games use Random Number Generators (RNGs)
  • RNGs hold all possible outcomes of a game


What popular casino table games are available?

918Kiss online casino is not only a popular place to play online slot games, but it is also well-known for having a decent supply of real money table games. All table games at the casino are fully responsive so you can play high-quality cards and dice tables no matter whether you are using a small smartphone screen or a tablet device with a large screen.

  • HOLD’ EM
  • SIC BO

Many of these casino games can be found in various versions. For instance, some blackjack tables play single deck while other games will have 4 decks in the shoe. Therefore, if you do play table games at 918Kiss, then make a rule for yourself to each table’s min-max bet allowed and the number of decks being used before you play. Knowing the number of decks being played is important for advanced players who are playing basic strategy.


What 918Kiss roulette tables are available?

918kiss online casino has a reputation for its brilliantly unique series of roulette tables. Not only do you get to play the regular version of roulette, but you also have the choice of multiple custom style tables.


The roulette tables with the numbers next to each one represent how many numbers will be on the main board on the game. Therefore, Roulette 12 will only have 12 numbers to bet on while Roulette 73 will have a total of 72 numbers to wager.


What popular arcade games are available?

Finally, the casino has multiple arcade games that are popular among Southeast Asian casino players. 918Kiss players tend to enjoy arcade games because some of them have an element of skill to them. If you are accurate enough on fishing games, then you could end joining the growing army of pro fishing game players.

  • LI KUI PI YU 10000 TIMES


How do I access 918kiss online casino games?

To access the online gaming catalog on the app you will need a username and password. If you haven’t already downloaded the casino app, then search the net for an online casino agent website and follow the download instructions. Next sign up to a casino agent.

When you do, make sure you choose the best ‘welcome bonus’ deal with the lowest wagering requirements. When you think you have the best deal for you, make a cash deposit with your casino agent. You will then need to wait for a short while for your 918kiss online casino account logins at which point you can start playing real money casino games from your smartphone or tablet device.

  • Download the casino application
  • Sign up with an online casino agent
  • Deposit to receive a username & password
  • Start playing real money casino games online

You can also visit our 918kiss mobile section for more information about how to download the 918kiss mobile casino app.


Can I use the same account logins for both my iOS and Android Devices?

Almost every online casino out there allows logins to the same account from multiple devices. This means if you own an iOS and Android device, as long as you have the 918kiss online casino app downloaded on both devices you can use the same login credentials on both devices.


Can I download a 918kiss desktop casino app?

You can play on 918kiss online casino but there is no desktop download. Most Windows users download an Android emulator which will mimic an Android operating system. All you will need to do is download the 918kiss android APK files and install on the Android emulator. You can then launch the app to check it works before heading over to an online casino agent to make a cash deposit to receive login details to real money 918Kiss casino account.


Which languages are available on the app?

As the 918kiss online casino app is so popular in Southeast Asia, it is available in several languages including English, Malay, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Khmer. Make sure that you use the correct casino agent that serves customers that speak your native tongue and accepts deposits in your domestic currency.

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