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  • January 2, 2020

Players in Singapore are now able to start enjoying the excellent range of slots games, table games, and fishing games that are available at 918Kiss Singapore. Featuring some fantastic titles from developers such as Spade Gaming, Real Time Gaming, and Playtech, this online mobile casino is among the very best in Asia.

By contacting and hiring a ‘casino agent’ who will act as a go-between for Singaporean players, they will be given an account and login details for 918Kiss Casino. The casino agents will make a deposit and any withdrawals at the casino on your behalf and even supply you with some handsome bonuses and promotions that will add value to your deposits.

Once a deposit has been made into an account at 918Kiss Singapore, players can then use the login details they have received via the backend of the casino agents website. Protected by encryption technology, Singaporeans are able to play at Kiss918 casino completely undetected.

Though it may seem like a lot of hassle to use these methods to play at online casinos, they really are your only option. To make the whole process easier for you, we have created this guide to help you understand it better.


What are the Singaporean Gambling Laws?

The gambling laws are fairly clear cut in Singapore – gambling is illegal both online and offline (in public). This has been the case since 2014 when the Remote Gambling Act was first enacted in the county. The only exception is that there are ten gambling entities that are legal including two world class casinos, some horse racing tracks, and the Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club.

What this means for online players is that most online casinos will not be accessible as they will have been blocked by ISP’s on request of the government. Financial institutions are also forbidden when it comes to transacting with online casinos, so you would not be able to get your money in and out anyway.

For that reason, using a casino agent who has offshore bank accounts is your only option. They will also be able to give you encrypted access to somewhere like 918Kiss Singapore via their website. That will keep your gambling session private and secure.


How About Gambling at Land-Based Casinos?

As we mentioned above, Singapore players are not totally starved of legal gambling options. They can make use of some perfectly legal gambling entities from within the country. For online casino players, the best option would be one of the land-based casinos that can be found in Singapore.

  • Marina Bay Sands

If you were to check out any list of the worlds best casinos, the Marina Bay Sands will usually be included. This casino is world class, offers more than 700 classic gaming tables and three times as many slot machines.

  • Resorts World Casino Santosa

A little smaller but offering a similar high-quality gambling experience is that of the Resorts World Casino Santosa. Here players can expect to experience more than 500 tables and as many as 2,400 superb slot machines and other electronic gaming options.


How Can Casino Agents Help Me to Play 918Kiss Singapore with Real Money? 

Casino agents work almost as affiliates to 918Kiss Singapore and will be the middleman for Singaporean players that wish to work there. They have hundreds of active accounts at the casino and will provide players with a username and password once the players has sent their deposits for the agent to load up one of these accounts.

Once the agent has credited that account and provided the login details to the player, that player can then log in to enjoy some excellent 918Kiss Singapore casino games.  Access will be given via a protected network that acts ina  similar way to a VPN. This protects the activity that a player is enjoying at 918Kiss casino. Not even the players ISP or government will be able to tell that they are playing at the casino.


The Steps to Gaining Access to 918Kiss Singapore

There are seven basic steps that a Singaporean will have to do to get started at 918Kiss. Many of these steps only need to be done once too, so future sessions at 918Kiss casino will be much easier to enjoy.

Follow the following steps and before long you will be playing some excellent casino games at a leading online casino in Asia:

  1. Find a casino agent – preferably one that works out of Singapore.
  2. Ensure they have a good reputation and offer 24/7 customer service via numerous communication methods. Messengers, social media, email, and even phone support should be among the methods they can be contacted.
  3. Check to see what bonuses and promotions they have – particularly the welcome bonus.
  4. Sign up to the casino agents website and find the correct 918Kiss Singapore download.
  5. Install the 918Kiss app on your mobile device.
  6. Send your deposit to the bank account of the casino agent.
  7. Wait for the 918Kiss Singapore login details and start playing.


What ID do I Need to Show at 918Kiss Singapore?

None. You will not be in any form of contact with 918Kiss Casino. The account you are given will already have its own username and will not be in your name at all. The casino agent will load up this account with your deposit and then send you the money to your bank account when you want to withdraw.

You will not even need to show any ID or other kind of document with your personal information on it to the casino agent. You can play at 918Kiss Singapore completely anonymously.

How to Use the Casino Agent Website to Connect to 918Kiss Singapore?

To ensure that your session at 918KissSingapore  is completely private and anonymous, you will be connecting to the casino via the casino agents website. On the backend of the site you will be able to connect via a network that provides 128-bit SSL encryption technology. All data sent between you and the casino is encrypted so that nobody will know that you are there.

Use this link to return to the 918Kiss main page.

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