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  • January 4, 2020

There are hundreds of video slot games available on the 918kiss casino platform with the large majority of them coming from Spade Gaming and RTG Gaming. As we ourselves love to play online slots, we often review 918kiss slots as well as those from software providers not available at 918kiss casino.

Learn how to start playing 3D mobile slots on your mobile

If you want to start playing real money mobile slot titles on 918kiss, then you are in the right place. We will teach you exactly how you can get online and play 918kiss slots on your smartphone or tablet devices.

Firstly, you will need to download the casino app. Next, find an online casino agent affiliated with 918kiss. Make sure you get a decent welcome bonus and then simply sign up to the casino agent’s website. From here make a deposit to your agent, logon, and start playing progressive jackpot and regular mobile slot games on your Android, iOS, or desktop Android emulator.


In this 918kiss slots guide we will cover the following 6 topics:

  • Online slots available on the 918kiss casino app
  • How we review each online slot
  • Slot RTP and Variance
  • Progressive jackpot slots
  • How random video slot number generators work
  • FAQ – Frequently asked questions

This guide is mostly specific to 918kiss slots, but if you want to find out more about the latest slot game releases in South East Asia, the latest jackpot winners on which slots they played as well as numerous advice guides about how to play slots and how to use a slots strategy.


About 918Kiss Slots

918kiss has some of the best online slots in Southeast Asia. You will come across mobile slots with 95% to 97.5% RTP, 5, 10, 15. 20, 25, and 50 pay lines slot games, and games that use the 243-ways-to-win no pay line feature. Below we have made a list of some of the mobile slots you can play on your Android and/or iOS devices.

  • WOW Prosperity: 1024 Ways to Win
  • Ming Dynasty: 50 Pay lines
  • ShangHai 008:  25 Pay lines
  • Zeus: 25 Pay lines
  • Magic Hammer:  40 Pay lines
  • Dolphin Reef: 20 Pay lines

Many of the slots titles you will come across at 918kiss slots section will be from both Spade Gaming and Playtech who are two giants in the online casino industry when it comes to designing state-of-the-art 3D video slot games.


How we review each 918kiss slot

We use real people that play online slots regularly so you get an accurate account of what the slot is all about. We will cover the theme, graphics and sounds, and how the slot plays. This includes which symbols are available, whether there is a scatter symbol to pay spin bet multipliers, trigger a bonus game, or both. We even break down the paytable and how it pays according to the bet-per-line whether the slot uses the no-pay line or pay line feature.

Furthermore, we always vigorously test the slots in order to trigger and play the bonus rounds. These could be bonus online slots with click me round features or free spins bonus games with multipliers and the chance to re-trigger the free spins combination. If the slot has a wildcard symbol then we will also divulge whether the wild comes with any special features such as wild reels and stacked wild symbols.

  • Slot Theme
  • Graphics and Sounds
  • Gameplay (Break down the paytable)
  • RTP and Variance of the slot


Slot RTP and Variance

918Kiss slots all come with a competitive Return to Player (RTP). Most slots will have an RTP of over 95% but at 918kiss casino you will find many of its mobile slots come with RTPs as high as 97%. For those of you that don’t know, RTP is the long-term expected return on your investment. Therefore, if you bet 10,000 MYR, then your expected RTP is 9,500 MYR on a slot title with an RTP of 95%.

The 918kiss slots collection comes with a mixture of low, low-med, med, med-high, and high variance slot games. Variance can describe how you would expect a slot to pay.

  • Low variance: Pays out small amounts very often and rarely large sums
  • Medium variance: Has a mix of ways to make small wins and also land some big wins
  • High variance: Does not pay out often but pays large sums when it does


918kiss Progressive jackpot slots

918kiss progressive jackpot slots can be found in the jackpot gaming section. These slots have the potential to pay out huge prize pools built up by 918kiss slots players all of whom are in n search of a life-changing jackpot win. To explain further, every bet made by will designate a small percentage towards the progressive jackpot. Therefore, the more people that play a progressive slot title the higher the jackpot will grow and the faster it will payout.

  • Win life-changing jackpot wins
  • Contribute a small percentage of your bet
  • Look for high RTP slot games

How do random number generators work?

RNGs are installed onto every mobile slot game used on the 918kiss casino. Each slot machine has a specific algorithm assigned to it which is the RNG. The RNG has a sequence of code that holds every possible combination the reels could produce. Its job is to randomly roll through these codes one-by-one but at a rate of thousands per second. This process only begins when you fire up the online slot to play.

Once the RNG is rotating combinations you can press the start button to begin spinning the reels. As soon as you press that start button the RNG will stop on whichever reel combination it was processing when you clicked the start button. However, you will not know what that combination is until the reels stop spinning.

  • RNGs hold every possible outcome on the reels
  • The RNG rotates thousands of combinations per second
  • When you press spin, the RNG will stop on your combination


Kiss918 Slots FAQ


Are there any slot bonuses I can use?

Yes. Check with your online casino agent to which bonuses are available. Most bonuses will be deposit matches such as a 100% deposit match bonus to be played at 918kiss casino. If you deposit 500 Singapore dollars (or your currency equivalent), then you should receive 500 SGD in bonus money. You will then begin with a 1,000 SGD casino balance.

What languages are the 918kiss sots available in?

The entire 918kiss mobile app can be changed from English to Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, and Khmer so you can read the paytable and game controls in your native language.

Do all slots have a jackpot?

Yes and no. Some slots come with a progressive jackpot which rises in value progressively the more people make bets the slot game. There are other slots with fixed jackpots which can be triggered in a similar fashion to the progressive jackpot. Then there are bonus slots with only free spins and bonus rounds. These slots do not have a jackpot as such, but the highest available win could also be referred to as the slot’s jackpot.

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