A Guide to Online Casino Roulette
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  • February 19, 2021
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Online Casino Roulette is a simple game of selecting your numbers or even betting options and spinning the ball on the wheel.

It is a very popular game in both Malaysia and Singapore. Every land-based casino in both countries has auto-roulette, virtual roulette machines, and several roulette table games on their casino floor and on the levels surrounding the main casino floor.

This version is European Roulette, so there is only one zero in the board and 36 numbers giving you 37 straight betting options. To see your betting options wave the mouse over the board and the bet name and numbers in that bet will be highlighted.

This guide is actually in preparation for the eventual introduction of our main roulette page in mid-2021 where we will cover multiple roulette strategy guides, roulette table variants, and where to find roulette tables in Malaysia.

Inside Betting Options

Straight bets or straight-up bets mean that you place a bet directly on one of the numbers 0-36. The odds paid in this game for landing that number will be 35-1.

Split bets are when you place the chip on the line in between two numbers, so you are wagering those three numbers. The odds payout at 17 to 1.

Row Bets are when you place a chip on the outside line of the board covering 3 numbers. This option pays out 8-1. A triple bet also pays 8-1, but in this instance, you can only use this style of bet with the zero included.

Corner bets are when you place the chip on the cross angle of four numbers and pays 8 to 1.

A line bet is when you bet 6 numbers, so you need to place the chip on the outside of the board similar to a row bet except the chip will be on the T-angle to cover all 6 numbers going across the width of the Roulette board. This bet pays 5-1.

Outside Betting Options

Running the length of the board you will see three boxes at the bottom of these rows with the numbers 2-1 on them. Place a chip here and if any of these numbers come in, you will be paid at 2-1. These are known as column bets.

1st, 2nd and 3rd 12 bets run in boxes of 12 across the width of the board. Place your chip on one of these boxes to get paid out 2-1 if of those numbers hits.

Odds/Evens, Red/Black, High/Low bets are all paid out at even odds. They are self-explanatory in the way they hit.

Section Bets – 0-Jeux, Serie 1/2/3, Orphelins, Serie 5/8

On the outside of the board you will notice these betting options. They are basically sections of the Roulette wheel broken down and help you lay straight bets according to the sections on the wheel. They give punters great odds if you learn how to use them.

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