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  • January 8, 2020

This game is basically Roulette, but without the wheel. Some players prefer to get away from the odds of section bets that come with the Roulette wheel and instead enjoy the randomness of Bagatelle’s dropping ball. After winning bet there is a chance to gamble your winnings on an alternate dropping ball and sliding bar bonus set-up where you can win up to three times the amount won from your original bet.


The Sliding Bar Replaces the Roulette Wheel


The sliding bar at the bottom of screen replaces the Roulette wheel while the pins will ping the ball down the Bagatelle board into the sliding bar that represents the numbers found in exactly the same sequence as you would expect to find them when playing on the wheel version of this game.


How to Play


Select you betting options from the inside and outside betting options, then press the ‘Bet’ button. The ball drops and will land in one of the slots giving player wither a win or a loss depending on their bets. You have two options to bet – firstly you have the normal outside bets of roulette and secondly, the usual inside bets of Roulette.


Gambling Your Winnings


One of the great additions to this game that helps its popularity challenge Roulette is the bonus bar option. After you win a bet you will be given the option to ‘collect’ or ‘play’. If you play the ball will drop again, but rather than the numbers from the Roulette wheel on the sliding bar, you will have bonus multipliers or cash crushers.

There are x1, x2, x3, half and lose slots replacing the numbers. If the ball lands in the ‘lose’ slot, then all your cash winnings are lost and you will be returned to the game. Landing the ball in the x1 slot will mean you neither win nor lose and so your winnings remain unaltered. Next, the x2 or x3 slots mean that you will win that particular multiplier of your bet. Obviously landing the ball in the ‘half’ spot will mean that your winnings will be halved.

As long as you don’t hit the ‘lose’ section, you will be given the chance to continue gambling until you decide to ‘collect’ or until you lose all your money!


Pay-Out Odds


As this game is essentially Roulette, all the odds are exactly the same as any other Roulette game starting with straight bets paying 35-1 as the highest pay-out plus your original bet returned is returned.


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