Blackjack Classic
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  • July 25, 2020

Get stuck into a flurry of hands betting 5 spots on the Blackjack board at the same time. This game beats down the old 3-way action that has been so popular over the years by offering more options to get through your variation.

How to Play

Getting your money means clicking on the chip denominations at the bottom of the screen. From there you select how much you want to lay down on each spot on the table. You can choose to bet anything between 1 and 5 spots at a time.

Once the bets are down you click on the ‘deal’ button and cards will be dealt from right to left starting with the far-right position all the way around to the dealer.

You start with the far right hand deciding whether to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. If you are dealt a pair in your hand you can also choose to ‘split’ that means you’ll have 2 hands on the same spot to play. For example, if you had 3-3, then you can split this into two separate hands each with a starting value of 3. At this time an extra bet will be added for the extra hand, so if you played all 5 hands, you would now have 6 separate hands to play.

How to Win

Blackjack involves two main objectives to get the win:

  1. Do not go bust (over 21)
  2. Beat the dealer’s hand

If either you or the dealer ‘hit’ and go over 21 the hand becomes bust. If you go bust, your bet is lost, but if the dealer goes bust and you still have live hands that didn’t go bust, then you will be paid even odds. You will also be paid even odds if your hand beats the dealer’s hand in situations where the dealer didn’t go bust.

If you manage to get a Blackjack, which is 21 with an Ace and a picture card or 10, you will be paid 3/2 on any bets that resulted in the Blackjack hand.

Dealer Rules

The dealer must stand if the value of the cards is 17 or over, but anything below this the dealer is forced to ‘hit’. This is great of the dealer already has a picture card showing as the upcard because you get to make a better decision on whether you want to ‘stand’ or ‘hit’ against the odds of the dealer have a 5 or 6 with that card meaning the dealer could quite easily go bust.

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