Multihand Blackjack
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  • July 25, 2020

This Multihanded Blackjack table is the ultimate match because not only can you play 5 hands at the same time versus the dealer, you can swap between 4 versions of Blackjack. All games play with just 2 decks of cards and there are always 5 places to get you cash in, but take a look at how hitting the ‘Change Table’ button can give you 4 ways to play and take advantage various side bets and Blackjack features.


On every game 2 decks of cards in operation and all players still have the chance to take insurance on each hand wagered at 50% of their original bets when the house shows an Ace as its face up card. Every game also has the chance to double down on your cards in exchange for a single hit on the deck.

Here are some of the tables you can select with various bonuses giving players some of the most diverse Blackjack options they will find under the hood of a single game.

Game 1: Splits and Doubles European Blackjack

Play Blackjack with Splits and Doubles. Split bets can be opted if you are dealt a pair on the table. If you split, then you will add another bet to that hand, but you will now have 2 hands played separately, both hands starting with just 1 card each now.

You can select to double anytime you like. Although, on this game you get some guidance to help you as the table helper will tell you when the optimal strategy is to use the ‘double’ option. The safest way to play is when you have a score of 11, although this could end up losing you more cash if you land a low card because selecting the double bet means you are only dealt 1 more card.

Game 2: Bonus Side Bet

This is a standard gamer of Blackjack, but there is a bonus bet involved. Players can only bet the bonus if they have made a bet in the main game.

Payouts apply to any hand that has had the bonus bet applied:

A-J of Spade = 50-1

A-J suited = 25-1

Any 2 Cards Suited 5-2

Game 3: Bonus Side Bet High Streak (Single handed)

In this game you make bets on how many times the player will win in a row for various odds. You make the bet on the bonus tab and then the rest is down to fate. If you make 2 wins in a row, you are automatically guaranteed even odds, and from there it down to how many times in row you win to build up your bonus bet winnings.

2 wins (2nd Streak) = Even payout

3 wins = (3rd Streak) = 2 to 1

4 wins = (4th Streak) = 5 to 1

5 wins = (5th Streak) = 10 to 1

Game 4: Bonus Side Bet Hi/Lo

Here the bonus bet is all about betting on the score of the first 2 cards drawn. You bet whether the total score is higher or lower.

Low – 2-12 score = Even Payout

Middle – 13 score = 10-1

High – 14-20 score = Even Payout

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