Single Deck Blackjack Guide
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  • February 7, 2021

In this Single Deck Blackjack Guide, we will give you information about how to play blackjack on tables with a single card deck in the shoe, so 52 cards only!

Single Deck Blackjack means that you will play against the dealer with only one deck of cards. There are quite a few players that prefer this version of the game played at a multi-handed table because they can get a better idea of the cards that are left in the deck, and it is easier to know which cards that certainly cannot come out of the deck.

About Single Deck Blackjack Tables

What you will find on most single deck games is that the rules are quite limited for splits and double downs because having a single deck gives the player an added advantage when you compare this to multi-deck games. You will see we have written all the percentage changes to the house edge and RTP here.

  • +0.34% to the house edge when playing 2 deck tables
  • +0.45% to the house edge when playing 3 deck tables
  • +0.5% to the house edge when playing 4 deck tables
  • +0.53% to the house edge when playing 5 deck tables
  • +0.55% to the house edge when playing 6 deck tables
  • +0.56% to the house edge when playing 7 deck tables
  • +0.57% to the house edge when playing 8 deck tables

Also, when you are playing on tables with more decks, make sure you choose the correct basic strategy. Here’s our guide to choosing the correct basic strategy!

The Betting

You are always first to act in Blackjack, and if you play three hands, then you will have to play all three of those hands before the dealer. You’ll play your hands from the furthest right hand going to the left.

When you are dealt the cards you may have the option to split, double down, or wager an additional bet on insurance. If none of these options are presented, you will then play your normal game whereby you have to ‘hit’ for another card or ‘stand’ to stick with the total you have.

Going Bust

If your hand exceeds 21 with three or more cards, then your hand will be bust and you will lose your bet on that hand. All card values are as per their denomination. Picture cards are worth 10 points, and the Ace can act as a 1 or an 11 point count.

Split Bets

If your starting two cards are of equal value, you have the option to split the hand into two hands by adding an extra bet to the second hand. You will then have two hands with just one card in each hand. You play the right hand first, and then the second hand next. Neither hand can affect the other hand.

Double Down

Double down options are available when you had is worth the value of 9, 10 or 11. That means you can add another bet on top of your initial bet to double the value of the initial stake. Now if you play on a table with 4 decks or more, you will be able to double down on any total in most cases. This rule works 0.14% in your favour while but if you consider adding more decks will give the house a 0.5%+, then this rule isn’t so bad.

Insurance Bets

If the dealer has an Ace for the face up card, then you can make an extra bet on insurance. This is always 50% of your original bet. If the dealer has Blackjack, your insurance will paid back at 2-1 odds.

That means if your original bet was $10.00 and you lay insurance down of $5.00, you will be paid back $15.00 making a $5.00 profit. However, if the dealer does not have Blackjack and you win the hand, you will be paid back $20.00 still making a $5.00 profit because the win covers your initial bet and the insurance bet.

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