Double Joker Poker
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  • January 7, 2020

Play the same version of Joker Poker, but add another joker in to give you 2 wild cards that raise the qualifying hand limit from Kings or Better to 2-Pairs as the qualifying hand.

There is a 4,500 jackpot for betting 5 coins on a line with the min/max coin bet 1-5 coins a bet. Coins are interchangeable on the real money version from €/$0.25, €/$0.50, €/$1.00, €/$5.00 to €/$10.00 a shot and min/max bets are €/$0.25/€/$50.00 a gamble. On the subject of gambling if you like to take an added risk on your cash, there is the option to gamble your wins.


Joker Poker with Double Shots


To get going without any hassle you can use the ‘BetMax’ button to get 5 coins down instantly at the coin value you choose.

Or if 5 coins is a little too rich for your liking, use the “Bet1” after you’ve chosen 1-4 coins on the line and press the ‘cards’ button to get your first 5 cards.


First Deal of the Cards


As you press the ‘cards’ button 5 cards will be dealt. Any cards that make a 2 pair or better or any potential flush cards will be held automatically. You can also choose to hold more cards that you think will help you.

There are 2 wildcards in the pack giving you 54 cards overall and 2 extra cards that will link up with any other cards to get you paid.


The Draw Phase (Second Deal of the Cards)


There is 1 draw phase, and so when you have held all the cards you want to hold, click on the ‘cards’ button again.

The cards you don’t hold will be exchanged for new cards in order for you to make a hand in a second chance deal or improve any existing hand you have.




All pays are according the pay-table above the cards. The natural Royal Flush is the jackpot hand, which you can only get if you have a Royal Flush with no wild cards.

Pay-outs are in multiples of the coins you bet. For example, if you land a hand that pays 3 coins for a 1 coin bet, and pays 6 coins for a 2 coins bet and so on.




If you want to double-up your cash use the ‘Double Up’ button to go into a game of black or red. Select a red or black card and when the middle card is same colour, your bet will be doubled.


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