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  • March 21, 2021
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In March 2021, one of the western gaming giant Playtech (LON: PTEC), entered into a partnership with Asia Gaming (AG Gaming). As a result of this, the players in Asia will be provided with the first-ever Alliance Hall. The players in Asia can now enjoy live casino games made possible by Playtech through the AG gaming platform 24/7, anywhere.

Over time, most Western gaming giants have been trying to enter the Asian continent market, especially China. But the region’s complicated models and different user preferences, policies, and regulations have been one of the biggest challenges being face by western companies to run their business on their own.

Most gaming companies have moved out of their regional markets and operations to seek cooperation worldwide to expand business opportunities. This is what saw Playtech partnering with AG gaming.

By the year 2022, it was reported by the Asia Gaming Times Industry Annual Report that the Asia-Pacific region would contribute not less than 44% of the growth momentum to the global gaming industry. The Playtech alliance with Asia Gaming with the most extensive iGaming player in Asia will give a new brand endorsement to the gaming platform.

With Playtech, there won’t be the need to persuade the gaming operators to install its gaming platform again. Then more live casino games will be provided to players in the Alliance Hall. The coming together of PT and AG, which resulted in Alliance Hall’s creation, will trigger the brand crossover in the Asia market as far as gaming and sport are concerned. This move is one of the effective strategies of brand globalization, which will change the face of things and the market in the Asian continent.

Partnering with western industries will bring about a prospering economy in various sectors outside of sport. Not only will it cause a brand crossover in the Asia market. The two industries’ alliance will result in more product choices and a better experience for the players in the game. The collaboration of the brands will also maximize game fairness and trigger player interest in the game.

This event that brought about AG and PT’s teaming up to produce Alliance Hall is a wonderful and a good impact on the Asian market. This shows the localization strategy in expanding the market that is being applied in brand globalization. This is a good omen that other i-gaming business brands will also follow the giant stride of Alliance Hall and bring about competition.

The brand that will dominate the market when this event begins to spring up will be that which understands the players’ minds and come up with user-friendly products. With this new dawn coming up in Asia Gaming, more should be expected in other sectors soon.

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