GW99 Review for Malaysia & Singapore
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  • January 3, 2020

GW99 is also known as the Great Wall 99. It is an iOS/Android mobile and Windows desktop casino with fishing games, online slots, and a roulette game. This isn’t a large casino and the games you will find at this casino are mostly from Playtech and RTG. We do expect this casino to offer more games in the future as it grows in popularity, but for now, it is focused on offering just a few niche games targeting mostly those of you that prefer fishing games with some skill involved as opposed to pure games of chance.

For the most part, the games at this casino are focused on underwater themes including the star online slot game here – Dolphin. Below we have several sections that cover how this casino operates, how you can download, a more comprehensive casino review and an online casino FAQ section. You can also read about how to get online with GW99 from Malaysia or Singapore.

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Bonuses and Promos at GW99

If you want to try out GW99’s underwater sea games such as slots and fishing games, then make sure you take advantage of bonus offers. You will need to read about how to get an account below this section which is how you will be able to claim your GW99 bonus.

Deposit Match Deals

The most common GW99 deal is the 3% deposit match offer. This is usually the best deposit match you will get. You will need to claim this when you make you fill in your deposit form with the casino agent.

  • Make a deposit and enter 3% deposit match or bonus code
  • Deposit 100 MYR/SGD and get 110 MYR/SGD in your GW99 accounts
  • Wagering requirements for this deal should never be more than 1x
  • Play with your bonus on any Great Wall 99 game available

Slots Deposit Match Deal

The slots deposit match deals for GW99 can be claimed daily and also there is a welcome slot deposit deal. The different deals come with low to high wagering requirements so the best deal for you really depends on the way you play online slots.

  1. 150% Welcome Deal

You can get 150% of your deposit matched up to 588 MYR/SGD if you take part in this deal. However, the wagering requirements at 28x the deposit + bonus are slightly high than the deposit match bonus because you are getting so much free bonus cash to play with. You can only claim this deal once as a thank you gift for joining a casino agent and playing at GW99.

  1. 10% Slot Bonus (Unlimited Use)

This bonus only has a 1x wagering requirement. You basically get 10% on top of your deposit made and you can use this bonus on every deposit you make. However, you will only be able to play online slots. As GW99 only has a few online slots, you may want to use the 3% deposit match bonus as you can then also play fishing games, roulette, and arcade games at the casino.

  1. 30% Slot Bonus (Daily Super Deal)

The Super Daily deal can only be used once per day. You will get 30% on top of your deposit. You will then be able to play any slot games that are part of this promo. As for wagering requirements, they are 9x the bonus + deposit.

  1. Rescue fund

A rescue fund is applied if you lose over a certain amount. We all go on a cold streak from time to time and so the rescue fund can be very useful. If you are looking for a good value rescue fund, you should get at least 10% back for losses over 500 MYR/SGD. If you are a high roller, then this percentage will increase. However, with a good strategy, you will rarely need to use this bonus deal.

  1. Birthday deals

Once a year, your casino agent or however gives you your GW99 bonus deals will give you a birthday present. This is normally a 38 MYR/SGD bonus with a 10x wagering requirement.

  1. Referring a friend

Get a friend to sign up to your casino agent and take 30% of their first deposit while your friend still gets 100% of the deposit. The 30% will be paid to you by the casino agent.

Are These Bonuses Unique to GW99?

You are free to use your welcome bonus at any other casino that applies to any of the bonus deals offered. Therefore, you do not only have to play at GW99. Ask the casino agent that provided you with your GW99 account for more information. You can also use our live chat to speak with a customer service agent.

How do I play through the wagering requirements?

To play through the wagering requirement, you will need to bet your deposit + bonus a certain number of times. If your bonus + deposit totals 110 MYR/SGD, you will need to be 110 MYR/SGD if the wagering is 1x and 220 MYR/SGD if the wagering is x2, and so on.

What happens if I make a withdrawal before the wagering requirements are met?

If your bonus was 10 MYR/SGD and you did not make the wagering requirements, then the 10 MYR/SGD will be deducted from your deposit.

Making a Deposit at Great Wall 99 Casino

Speak with your casino agent and arrange a banking method that allows you to deposit to their website. Once the deposit has been approved and processed, then the agent will find your GW99 account with the full amount.

How Do I Know Which Casino Agent to Use?

Simply ask our support team on the live chat interface. We will help you find the best casino agent with the very best bonus deals.

All you need to do is go through the following 5 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for an account with a GW99 casino agent
  2. Make your first deposit with a casino bonus code
  3. Tell the casino agent you want to use GW99
  4. Receive Great Wall 99 login details
  5. Log in to your real money account and start playing

Casino agents will not charge you anything for their service so you will get your entire deposit + bonus credited to your account. The casino agent costs are all covered by the casino for introducing you and setting you up with an account.

Do I need ID, or do I need to use my real name?

No. If you do not want to reveal who you are, then use a new email that is not obviously you. Also, the account you are given to log in to the casino will not have your name associated with it. You can just be identified by a nickname or number or if you prefer. Also, you will never need to provide any type of ID because this entire service has been designed to keep your identity private.

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