How To Play Keno
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  • July 27, 2020
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In this guide, you will learn how to play Keno. The game is a lottery style game that originated in China before earning widespread popularity across the whole of Asia. In southeast Asia in particular, you will find that it is an incredibly popular form of gambling in both an on and offline setting. Keno in Malaysia, for instance, is a game that is enjoyed by millions each week.

Also popular in Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, and Singapore, Keno is a simple yet entertaining way to wager money. It takes no skill and is essentially a game of chance despite many people having their own little strategies and superstitions when playing.

So, never played keno and want to learn more about this incredibly popular and entertaining casino game? Then you have definitely come to the right place.

How to Play Keno

Whether you want to play Keno in Malaysia or Singapore, you will first need to understand the rules to the popular game. Well, fortunately, keno is a simple game that does not require any skills and can literally be enjoyed by anyone.

If you have played any kind of lottery before, the rules are very similar to Keno. You are given a ticket that contains 80 numbers and are asked to select 20. You then wait for the draw results and mark off any numbers that you matched correctly. You will be paid out depending on how much you wagered on the ticket and how many of the numbers that you matched.

It is important to note that not all games of Keno are the same and that there will be different rules depending on where you play. Some will require you to hit a certain amount of numbers before you win. Some may ask for ten, others fifteen for example.

As well as the differing requirements in terms of matching the numbers, Keno may change from place to place in other areas. Some variations may not give you a card of 80 numbers and instead give you fewer numbers to choose from. Likewise, an online casino in Malaysia may ask that you only select 10 numbers instead of the standard 20.

Just make sure that you check the paytable (if playing online) and the rules before you play any game of Keno.

Why is Keno So Popular?

So what is the reasons for the popularity of Keno in Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asian countries? Well, we think that there are a number of reasons. Apart from it being an entertaining and even a relaxing game to play, Keno earns its popularity for a number of factors.

For one, the simplicity of the game means that anyone can play without having to learn a complicated set of rules. What is complicated about picking a few numbers and then hoping that those numbers come up?

Then there is the fact that it offers good rewards for a small outlay. You do not have to wager much but still, have the chance to bring in some very good rewards. A quick example could be that you pick 5 numbers on an MYR 1 play and if those numbers all come in, you will walk away with MYR 500.

Finally, there is no skill attached to the game. You do not have to be a ‘good’ player to win. It is completely random and relies on luck only. Compare this to players of games like poker or blackjack where there is a skill element, you just do not have to work hard at getting good at Keno.

Where to Play Keno

As one of the most popular casino games in Singapore, Malaysia and other Asian countries, Keno can be played at online casinos that cater to that market. In fact, most online casinos in Asia will have at least one variation of Keno that you can enjoy while some will offer a good selection of them.

Online Keno Strategy

As previously mentioned, there really is no way to apply an effective strategy when playing Keno. This is a game of chance in the same way that a lottery is, so everybody has just as much chance as anyone else when it comes to winning.

You cannot outplay the system or win due to skill. You just have to rely on luck. In fact, many of the purported strategies of Keno have been massively debunked. Some say that you should buy multiple tickets for each draw to give yourself a better chance of winning. Now, while you have more horses in the race, the odds are still the same – just that you have multiple tickets with the same chance. It is no different to buying single tickets for two different draws.

Another myth is that you should keep an eye out for frequently drawn numbers and use them as part of your selection. Again, there is nothing in this strategy at all. Number patterns bear no meaning in a game of chance. Something that may have happened in the past has no bearing on the game that you are currently playing.

Our only tip whether you are playing Keno in Malaysia or any other country is that you wager the maximum amount possible. This will not increase your chances of winning but it will at least allow you to maximise any wins. The maximum wager at most online casinos in Malaysia is 5 coins.


If you have yet to experience Keno, especially in an online format, you have been missing out. This simple yet fun game does not have to cost much but the rewards can be great if luck is on your side. If you are not getting the luck you crave at slots games or table games, we certainly recommend that you enjoy a few rounds of Keno.

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