Local Players Fuel Recovery For Malaysia Casino During Pandemic
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  • March 7, 2021
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Earlier in the year, Nomura announced the gradual recovery of Resorts World Genting, as local players fuel recovery of the casino and further recovery will occur in subsequent quarters. Resorts World Genting is a very reputable integrated resort in Malaysia. Like most other casino complexes globally, Resorts World Genting has been temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

The resort was a big attraction for foreigners from other parts of South East Asia until COVID-19 struck. Nomura confirmed that the gaming centre had a tiny increase in customer visits in the first quarter.

Unfortunately, this poor turnout is a consequence of stringent countermeasures against COVID-19 in Malaysia. Several business outfits, including the Resorts World Genting, have had to manage the minimum turnouts and recovery plans. This low turnout has gone on for the rest of 2021’s first quarter. However, this is expected to make an upturn in 2022.

Plans of Genting; moving forward

Part of the plans to achieve this will be the grand opening of the new outdoor theme park in the Resorts World Genting. The goal is to improve the level of attraction to what most persons know the centre for. Capitalizing on the reduced capacity has resulted in reduced losses across subsequent quarters.

In the third quarter of 2022, the casino resort suffered MYR195.8 less than the second quarter. This is as a result of the lift on the movement bans and restrictions that saw Genting record huge losses.

These losses and poor profits are also the stories in other branches of Genting overseas. Genting’s casinos in the U.S, U.K have also suffered losses in the last quarter of 2021 due to the temporary closure. The good news is that there is a common goal of substantial recovery this summer. Now that the vaccines are here and the government is trying to ensure a widespread Vaccination across the country.

Also, the interstate travel ban is likely to be lifted by March 18. Hopefully, this recovery plan will also be able to ensure better operation and turnouts in the outfits in the U.K, Bahamas, Egypt, U.S

A Rush of Gamblers When Lockdowns Subside Will Boost Income

Analysts forecast that when all the lockdowns and bans have been released, there will be a burst in turnouts in the casinos. Consequently, there will be increased profits like never seen before. The deprivation that many citizens have suffered due to the COVID-19 will require making up for. This summer and beyond, Genting Resort will be banking on that.

Nonetheless, the casino resort is not relenting and just casting all hopes on life post-pandemic. It expects a gradual increase in turnouts as the pandemic becomes less severe. There is a commitment to executing the objectives concerning the pandemic and its consequences at every stage.

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