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  • January 30, 2020

Joining up with a Love138  Malaysia online casino agent may in some cases be your only chance of jumping on board with an online casino. There has always been a general regulation against gambling in Malaysia, but Love138 is able to offer Malaysian players the chance to play real money casino games using Malaysian Ringgit.

In some countries like Malaysia, even if you look for an online casino through your go-to online search engine you may still be confronted with multiple hurdles. Malaysian authorities do not allow residents within the country’s borders to use their onshore bank accounts to conduct gambling through online casinos such as Love138 Malaysia, so other means are made necessary.

As you make your thorough search to find your ideal online casino agent, there are of course many factors to take into account, one of which is to look at the bonuses they have to offer you. But before we get into that, let’s take a quick look into what online casino agents can actually offer you.

Introducing Love138 Malaysia online casino agents

Usually found with ease online by making a search on your favourite search engine on the Internet, online casino agents act as a middle man when it is impossible for you to carry out the tasks you want to do online. In this instance, we are looking at real money betting.

Many online casinos including Love138 Malaysia are fully functional with online casino agents. These agents can be found in many different countries around the globe and all provide a service in which they can open up online casino accounts on your behalf. Not as complicated as it may actually sound, the accounts are often set up using completely random information so that the username and password details have absolutely nothing to do with you as the customer. This is a great perk for online safety as you get to use the online casino facilities in privacy.

In addition to setting up the casino accounts on your behalf, online casino agents also have the resources to offer you some of the best bonuses which are offered by online casinos in Malaysia.

Learning about casino bonuses

Now that you know what the basic role of an online casino agent is, you can start looking deeper into what is actually offered and how it can benefit you as an online casino user.

Since you have found an agent online to assist you with your online casino adventures, it is likely that you have already matched them up to your set of specifications so they can deliver what you need. As you look around each casino agent’s website you may notice that there are differences in the bonuses they offer.

This can be for a number of reasons but one instance may be that some advertise time-based bonuses which are only available within a set time frame, and others may only be registered to certain areas. Love138 Malaysia always has a good stream of worthy bonuses so there is nothing to worry about there.

Aside from looking at the different bonuses rolling around the Internet, it is worth making note of why there are bonuses in existence. They are there to encourage you to deposit and spend. This may sound blatantly obvious but just taking a pause for a moment to think about it could help you save and win big at the same time.

Checking out bonuses available on Love138 Malaysia can be very enticing and lead you to new games and slots. But are these the games which are offering you the best odds? In many cases, the offers are aimed towards games with lower payouts or those which happen to be the flavour of the month. To truly make the most of the bonuses available, take a little look into them first and then decide which bonus you want to go for.

How to get bonuses

One of the main differences in deciding which bonus to opt for is how you actually achieve the bonus. Some require a simple task such as making your first deposit with an online casino in Malaysia, but others may need more.

To obtain some bonuses you may need to spend a certain amount before the bonus is activated. This can be a trap so always be wary. Making winnings on some bonuses can result in you not being able to withdraw the winnings until the terms of the bonus have cleared. Read into the terms and conditions first.

If there is a bonus on a game that you love on Love138 Malaysia it may be a no brainer to accept the bonus if it is a game that you know you will enjoy.

Types of bonuses available

As we have already mentioned, there are many bonuses flying around which all look at deposits. This can often begin with a bonus on your first deposit. These are great for trying out new casinos like Love138 Malaysia if you haven’t tried them before. The extra funds can let you get used to the ways of the online casino and maybe even help you start making some little wins along the way.

As well as the first deposit bonus you can also gain more bonuses like % increases on your deposit for certain areas of the casino. This is ideal for playing the games or slots you enjoy. The bonuses can often change too, so if you intend on depositing regularly it may be worth checking your online casino agent website regularly so they can keep you up to date on the most worthwhile bonuses for your chosen online casino.

As well as the deposit bonuses, you may also be gifted some free spins on the slot games, especially if there is a new one or a slot of the month.

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