Marina Bay Sands Transfer of Gamblers Deposits Investigation
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  • January 15, 2021
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The world-famous Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore has hired an outside law firm to investigate the way it conducts third-party transfer of gamblers deposits. This is due to a VIP high rolling Chinese player being compensated over six million dollars. Because his money was being used by other High rolling gamblers after being given to them by the casino.

Independent Investigation

The independent investigation hopes to ascertain what exactly happened so it doesn’t happen again. The Marina Bay Sands Limited is owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. They hired the law firm Hogan Lovells to investigate over 3000 transactions totalling over a billion dollars.

Its independent investigation has reportedly discovered that employees of the Marina Sands resort didn’t properly follow the correct procedures and allowed gamblers to use photocopied consent forms and other forms that were signed at an earlier time. Davinder Singh Chambers is another law firm who has been hired by the Marina Sands resort to doing an extensive review into its third party transfers.

High rolling Chinese player Wang Xi was unhappy that his money had been used by other gamblers 6 years ago. Singapore’s regulatory authority investigated the matter and concluded that there were a few weak points in the way they handle third party transfers, but they didn’t uncover any criminal activity.

An investigation from the United States

The United States Justice Department is also investigating the Marina Bay Sands private limited with regards to how effective their procedures are at stopping and preventing money laundering. There has been a subpoena issued to the chief compliance officer requesting a formal meeting and relevant documentation into money laundering and problems with it’s in house financial controls.

Unique travel destination

Singapore’s uniqueness as one of the cleanest and greenest cities is world-renowned and has many first-class attractions. Universal Studios, Little India and Arab street, the botanic gardens are a few of the many attractions and unquestionably the Gardens by the Bay is at the top of everybody’s must-see list. It is truly spectacular.

While you visit the Gardens by the bay a visit to the World famous Marina Bay Sands casino is also worth it. Especially as it has free entry for visitors compared to Singapore residents who have to pay $100 to enter the casino.

The casino has the worlds largest rooftop pool (reserved for guests of the hotel).  The Sands SkyPark is one of the best places to see all of Singapore Island.

You also get a great view of the Gardens by the bay as it is right next to it. The Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort, not just a casino, it has a hotel with over 2000 rooms, numerous fine dining restaurants, shops and locations for fantastic shows and a whole lot more.

Costing over $8 billion, Marina Bay Sands is the most expensive resort of its type in the world, the initial cost should have been less than $4 billion but due to labour and construction issues, the costs doubled.

The parent company stopped all their other construction projects to make sure they finished Marina Bay Sands and thankfully they did as it is truly an iconic building not just of Singapore but of the entire world. The 3 columns and the adjoining Skypark are truly remarkable.

The hotel Has 2561 rooms on 55 floors and there’s also an amazing convention centre with a capacity of 45000 people. The Grand and Sands theatre has had world-famous shows such as The Wicked and The Lion King, so there really is something for all age ranges to enjoy at this iconic location.

Marina Bay Sands is one of Singapore’s gambling hot spots but of course the last year it has seen hard times as with other casinos across South East Asia and of course globally!

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