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  • January 7, 2020

It is not possible for Malaysian players to directly sign up to the Mega888 mobile casino. Alternatively, Mega888 Malaysia gives access to players in this country via numerous operators which we like to call ‘casino agents’. These agents are the go-between for a player and the casino.

All transactions will go through these casino agents while they will also provide Malaysian players with a welcome bonus, regular bonuses and promotions, and bonus codes.  They will give players a username and password to an account and provide those players will secure access to Mega888 through the backend of their website.

We know that the process behind playing at online casinos in Malaysia can be difficult to understand. That is why you have landed in exactly the right place to learn all about this process and the many bonuses that are made available to you.


How do casino agents help me play real money games?

You will find that many of the best casino agents run their operations from within Malaysia. They are known for having excellent customer service skills and are very responsive when it comes to making transactions on behalf of the players. These agents will not only give players access to the Mega888 mobile casino but also many of the other popular online casinos in Malaysia as well.

This access is via an encrypted connection using the casino agents website. From the backend, players will be able to log into their Mega888 Malaysia account securely and anonymously.


How can Malaysian players access Mega888 casino?

Being able to play at Mega888 Malaysia all centers around being given a username and password. Once you have access to an account, you will be able to deposit and withdraw from that account and enjoy the casino action from your Malaysian home. Follow these steps to get access to the Mega888 mobile casino:

  1. Find yourself a reputable casino agent that is renowned for providing round the clock support via numerous communication channels such as email, messengers, and other apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat.
  2. Create an account on the casino agents website.
  3. Download the Mega888 mobile APK file from the website.
  4. Use that website to deposit the money you wish to use at Mega888 casino.
  5. The casino agent or his support team will then provide you with the login details for a casino account at Mega888 Malaysia (your deposit will be in the account).

Do not forget that during step 4, you will also be able to take advantage of any welcome bonuses offered by the casino agent. You will also find numerous MYR bonus codes that will increase the value of any future deposits.


What casino bonus codes can Malaysian players use?

Before using a casino agent to get an account at Mega888 Malaysia, you should first check out the different bonus codes that they are offering. These can all be found displayed on the casino agents website, usually on a page called ‘Promotions’ or something similar. You will usually find a good mix of bonus codes that can either be used when playing online slots, table games, or even both.

Below are just some of the more common Mega888 Malaysia only bonuses and promotions that you will find from many of the casino agents in Malaysia.

  • 150% Match Deposit Welcome Bonus for Slots
  • Unlimited 10% Slot Match Deposit Bonus
  • 20% Daily Combo Bonus Worth up to 300 MYR
  • 30% Daily Super Slot Bonus With 9x Wagering Requirements

While the welcome bonuses offer the best value, these can only be used once. For that reason, it is always worth keeping an eye on the ‘regular ‘ bonuses that a casino agent offers. There is some great value to be had and some impressively low wagering requirements on many of these bonus deals.


Which Malaysian casino bonuses offer the best value?

A bonus is not always what it might look like from the outside. This is why it is important to learn how to spot a bonus that offers the very best value. As a player, you will want to learn how bonuses work and the terms and conditions that you should be looking out for.

As an example, take a quick look at the two bonuses we have listed below:

  1. 100% Match Deposit Bonus of up to 800 MYR (45x Wagering Requirements)
  2. 100% Match Deposit Bonus of up to 500 MYR (15x Wagering Requirements)

At first glance, the Mega888 Malaysia only bonus might seem to be the most attractive as players can get as much as 800 MYR in bonus cash. What many players do not understand is the wagering requirements for each bonus. All online casinos and casino agents will usually have wagering requirements in the terms and conditions for their bonuses.

Wagering requirements are how many times a player must play their bonus cash before they can withdraw it. Why? Two reasons. Firstly, this is to stop players from signing up and making a deposit using a welcome bonus, and then just withdrawing all of their cash for an instant profit.

Secondly, casinos and agents cannot just hand out free money without making it a little more difficult for players to profit from it. Wagering requirements are used as a bit of an obstacle and a challenge for players to accomplish. So, of the two bonuses above, it is actually the second that offers the best value. This is because while it offers less bonus cash, its wagering requirements are far lower.

As well as the wagering requirements for a bonus, be sure to read the terms and conditions for a bonus to establish any other important rules such as:

  • Which games are excluded from contributing to the wagering requirements
  • Whether there is a max win amount that players can get from the bonus
  • Whether there are any maximum bet limits that must be adhered to


Why do I need a ‘Casino Agent’ to play at Mega888?

There are laws in place in Malaysia that means that players are not allowed to use any banks of financial institutions from within the country to transact with any form of gambling operation. Banks are forbidden when it comes to authorizing these transactions and therefore, players are unable to transact directly with a casino such as Mega888 Malaysia.

Fortunately, there is a way around this and this is to use the aforementioned casino agents to get you and account, fund it, and complete any withdrawal requests on your behalf. They use offshore bank accounts to credit an already created account at Mega888 once you have sent money directly to their own bank accounts.

  • You deposit MYR into the account of your casino agent
  • The casino agent deposits that money into a Mega888 casino account
  • Logins are given to you by the casino agent
  • You start to enjoy the real money action at Mega888


Do I need to provide identification when I sign up?

As you are not dealing directly with Mega888 Malaysia, there is no need to show anybody and kind of identification. Even the casino agent will not request any kind of ID or other personal information. The accounts have already been created at Mega888 casino and you will be given one that is loaded with your funds. You do not even have to worry about the username as this will be completely random and in no way connected to you.


How safe is my connection to Mega888 Malaysia?

In a similar way to how a VPN works, your connection will always be encrypted using 12-bit SSL encryption technology and will be completely masked so that even your ISP will not know that you are at Mega888 Malaysia. Your session at the casino will always be anonymous from when you first connect right up until you disconnect.


How do I use my casino agent’s website?

Once you have been given a login for Mega888 Malaysia and sent your deposit to the agent, you will then need to use a custom-designed log in area on the backend of the casino agents website to start playing.

That agent will require proof of the deposit such as a receipt of the transaction and he will quickly load up your account. You can make these deposits using bank transfers or by paying money directly into the casino agents account using over the counter services, an ATM deposit, or even online banking.

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