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  • January 7, 2020

Singaporean players can now get in on the act and start to enjoy high quality online casino action. At Mega888 Singapore, players can enjoy hundreds of slots, table games, fishing games, and arcade games directly from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

To do so, players in Singapore must get in touch with what we like to call ‘casino agents’ who can give them access to Mega888 casino, one of Asia’s best and most popular mobile casinos. These agents will act as a middleman between players and the casino. They will deposit at the casino once you have sent them your money and will credit your account when you make a withdrawal.

Casino agents will be able to provide Singapore players with an account to use at Mega888, bonuses and promotions that can be used when depositing, and access to the casino via their website.

This might all sound confusing but this is the only way that players in Singapore can enjoy a real money online casino. We have put this guide up to ensure that this process is understood and no longer confusing.


Singapore Online Gambling Laws and Why You Need a Casino Agent

Online gambling has been illegal in Singapore since 2014 when the Remote Gambling Act was enacted. The only online gambling that is legal is via the two local operators ‘Singapore Pools’ and ‘Singapore Turf’ club. This means that you will find that most online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms are all blocked by your ISP when you try to visit them. Even if you could connect to them, you will likely be refused to join by the online casino itself.

This is why you need a casino agent to use an offshore bank account, provide you with an account that is not in your name, and encrypted access via a VPN-like private connection. All of the above will allow you to enjoy the likes of Mega888 Malaysia privately, anonymously, and securely.


Is it Legal to Gamble at Land-Based Casinos in Singapore

Gambling in general is illegal in Singapore but there are ten legal gambling outlets/casinos in the country which are legally allowed to offer gambling services. The two most popular can be found below:

  • Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is Singapore’s largest casino and the worlds most expensive standalone casino. Boasting more than 700 gaming tables and 2,500 slot machines, this casino is often found in the worlds top ten when it comes to the best casinos.

  • Resorts World Casino Sentosa

Another large casino that has more than 500 tables and 2,400 gaming machines, the Resorts World Casino Sentosa can also be found in Singapore. This casino is owned by Genting, Asia’s most experienced gaming operator throughout history.


Can Casino Agents Help me to Play for Real Money at Mega888 Singapore?

As mentioned above, a casino agent will handle everything on your behalf. They will be the ones in contact with and transacting with the Mega888 Singapore. They will give you login details to an account at the mobile casino once they have deposited your money into it. Players can then access Mega888 via the website of the casino agent. That connection is encrypted and thus, anonymous.

All you need to do is find a reputable casino agent that offers good bonuses and promotions and responsive customer support. You will also be able to download the mobile Mega888 Singapore casino APK file from their website.


How Can Singaporean Players Gain Access to Mega888 Casino?

In order to play at Mega888 Singapore, you will first need a username and password for an account. This can be done once you have given a deposit to a casino agent so that they can load one of the hundreds of casino accounts that they have. Once you have acquired the login details from your casino agent, you will be able to start enjoying the wonderful slots and casino games that Mega888 has to offer.

Follow these steps to gain access to Mega888 Singapore:

  1. Search for a casino agent that operates from within Singapore. They should have a good reputation, offer some lucrative bonuses and promotions, and most importantly, offer great customer service using a variety of channels such as LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps.
  2. Sign up to the casino agents website and download the correct Mega888 download APK.
  3. Follow the instructions given by the casino agent on how to deposit money into a Mega888 Singapore account.
  4. Wait for the agent to provide you with a username and password to a Mega888 casino account.


Do I Need to Provide ID and Other Documents When Signing Up?

No, there is no direct link between you and the Mega888 casino. You are not signing up for an account in your name and instead are using another account owned by the casino agent. You will never have to provide any kind of ID or documentation, even to that agent. You can be anonymous as you will only need to provide your account number to the agent so that he can transfer any winnings to your bank account.


Is My Connection to Mega888 Singapore Anonymous?

Yes, thanks to 128-bit SSL encryption technology and a private network, your session at Mega888 Singapore will always be anonymous. You will be connecting via the backend of the website and all data between your computer and the mobile casino will be encrypted and private. This will allow you to enjoy a gambling session that is completely private and anonymous.


How to Connect to Mega888 Singapore?

You will be using the casino agents website when connecting to Mega888 Singapore. As mentioned above, via the backend, you will connect to a private network that acts in a similar way to a VPN (virtual private network).

You will only be given access once you have proof that you have sent your deposit to the casino agents bank account. This can be int he form of a receipt so that they know you are ready to be given an account and a login.

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