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  • January 7, 2020

Mega888 provides players with more than 100 video slots from big-name developers such as Real Time Gaming, Playtech, Betsoft, and Spade Gaming among many others. We have long been fans of video slots and therefore, you will see that we have reviewed some of our favourite Mega888 slots and even some from other developers that might not feature at this casino.


How to play Mega888 slots on your mobile

You have landed in the perfect place to learn how to play real money slots at Mega888 casino. By reading this guide, you will quickly learn what is needed to start playing Mega888 slots from your mobile device.

The first thing you will need to do is find and download the Mega888 mobile casino app. once installed, you then have to find a casino agent that can give you access to an account using a username and password. There are numerous casino agent websites out there that you will be able to sign up to. Just try to find one that is reputable, has great customer service, and provides good bonuses and deposits.

The only thing left to do is to deposit some money into the account of the casino agent and he will transfer that deposit to the Mega888 casino account he will shortly provide you.


All about Mega888 slots 

The Mega888 slots available to play on this mobile app are among the best in the business. These slots contain good RTPs of 95% or higher and there is so much variation in the sort of reel formats available. You can play anything 5-pay lines up to 50 and will also be able to find 243-ways-to-win slots here too.

Take a look below to see just a few examples of the slots and their reel formats at Mega888:

  • Lucky Duck – 20 pay lines
  • Fruit VS Candy – 243 Ways to Win
  • Steam Tower – 15 pay lines
  • Robin Hood: Shifting Riches – 20 pay lines
  • Top Gun – 243 Ways to Win
  • Lost Island – 20 pay lines


How we review each online slot at Mega888

We have a team of people that share our love for online slots. We use this team to test out all of the slots over an extended period of time so that they can form a true opinion other than one based on first impressions. We then ask them for a review based on factors such as the graphics, animations, sounds and how much fun the slot is to play. We also want to know what they think about the reel format of each slot and whether the bonus features are enjoyable and lucrative.

We only want a true opinion, which means those testing the Mega888 slots must have triggered each of the bonus features on a  number of occasions. This is to get a better feel of what rewards players can expect from them on average.


How to understand slot variance and RTP

The return to player or RTP of a slot is essentially what players can expect back on average from their wagers when playing a session at an online casino. At Mega888, the RTP of most slots will fall in the 95% range which would mean that a player that has wagered 1000 MYR,  should usually get back around 950 MYR on average.

That is the long term expected return, so do not treat it as an exact science. One player could spend 1,000 MYR and lose it all in a session while another could wager just 1 MYR and come out with 1,000 MYR in winnings over a period of time. This is the EXPECTED long term return, so good days can be interspersed with bad days.

As for variance, this describes how the slot will generally payout over an online gambling session.

  • Low Variance – A slot with low variance will usually pay out often, but with most payouts being small.
  • Medium variance – Is in the middle of low and high variance slots and pays out decent sums fairly regularly.
  • High variance – These slots can pay out big but the regularity of wins is fewer.


Progressive jackpot slots at Mega888

Among the catalogue of Mega888 slots are some that can carry some huge jackpots. These are called progressive jackpot slots. When a player plays one of these slots, they will be contributing a small amount of every wager towards the network jackpot – all players on this slot add to that same jackpot. These jackpots can grow to become huge, in the tens of millions of dollars in fact. They will only reset once one lucky player has managed to win it.

  • Players can become instant multimillionaires
  • Each player contributes a small portion of each bet
  • Lots of progressive titles at Mega888


How RNG (random number generators) work

All online slots will have their results determined via RNG (random number generators). These RNGs are essentially software algorithms that deliver completely random results. An RNG will process through thousands of different codes each second and will stop on one particular code once you hit the spin button.

The slot will already know the combination fo symbols that will land on the reels at this point but as a player, you will only find out once they stop spinning.

  • RNG software contains all possible outcomes on the reels
  • 1,000s of combinations are rotated per second
  • The combination available at the split second you hit ‘spin’ will be the one to appear on the reels


Mega888 Slots FAQ

Are there any slot bonuses I can use when playing at Mega888?

Yes, you will usually be able to find many Mega888 slots bonuses to use while playing. These will usually be found on the website of your casino agent or he will be able to speak to you about them personally. One time use welcome bonuses such as a 150% match deposit bonus of up to 588 MYR/SGD are often available to be used.

Can the Mega888 slots casino be viewed in different languages?

The Mega888 mobile app is available in a number of different languages. To get the app in your native language, find a casino agent that operates from within your country. English, Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, and Khmer are the most common languages that the app and its slots can be viewed in.

Do all of the slots at Mega888 have a jackpot?

Technically, all slots will have a jackpot of some kind. Some will have a progressive jackpot which continues to build after every spin, others a fixed jackpot, while some slots just have a single biggest win on their paytable that can essentially be classed as the slots jackpot.

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