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  • January 30, 2020

Newtown Malaysia is the Malaysian version of this excellent live dealer and virtual casino gaming mobile and desktop casino. On this page, we will discuss Malaysian casino agents and what you need to do in order to make sure you get the best casino management for your Newtown real money account as a Malaysian player.

Setting aside all the elements of setting limits and gambling awareness protocols, there is much more to gambling and online casinos than you may originally think. Take some time to familiarise yourself with some of the need to know jargon and processes so you are fully prepared to start your journey with Newtown Malaysia with good basic knowledge.

Casino agents

Since you are looking into getting online with a desktop or mobile casino in Malaysia then the first thing you need to under understand is the middlemen in this process.

As a Malaysian player, you will not be able to sign up to Newtown Malaysia directly with the casino itself. Therefore, you need to use a casino agent as a middleman in order to get your account.  The middleman accepts payments, processes them with the casino, and you will also get plenty of bonuses. See Newtown Malaysia bonuses available here.

Safety and professionalism stand in your way to protect not just yourself as a player, but the casino businesses as well. Casino agents gain you entry to various online casino websites such as Newtown using their own contacts and online systems.

  • Sign up to a casino agent for a Newtown Malaysia account
  • Make a deposit using Malaysian banking methods
  • Remain complete anonymous in the process
  • Start playing real money casino games online in Malaysia

Where to find Newtown Malaysia casino agents

As you are playing with online casinos, it makes sense to look for your ideal casino agent online too. The worldwide web has a host of search engines which will all give you multiple listings of casino agents who can all offer you specified services.

Not all agencies will be able to give you the same services as others, so it is best to do some research before signing up to an agent. Making sure that all of your requirements are being met by potential agents will help you narrow down listings of thousands of results on your go-to search engines.

What you may find is that some of the best casino agents are located abroad. Newtown Malaysia players often sign up to agents who are based outside of Malaysia, some based on the services provided, and others who feel the agent is reputable enough to trust.

Why do so many Malaysian casino players use abroad agents?

Laws and regulations put restrictions on many behaviours around the world, some of which are not as favourable as others with the people it affects. In Malaysia, the laws clearly dictate that any online casino Malaysia cannot accept funds from accounts which have been opened in Malaysia.

These laws heavily restrict the movement of money in the gambling industry within the borders of Malaysia, meaning that many residents in the country do not get the opportunity to take part in any gambling activity online.

This is the key reason why many Malaysian residents look for bankers and online casino agents abroad. By opening up accounts and memberships with professionals who are not within the Malaysian borders the residents can in effect work around the laws in place and get spinning on the online Newtown Malaysia.

What does Malay casino agent actually do?

Casino agents operating online work with one main focus which is to assist players in making their real money bets through online casinos like Newtown.

Since the laws within Malaysia effectively stop any Malaysian residents from putting money into online casino accounts, another party is needed to put the money in on their behalf. This is primarily what online casino agents do.

After finding a reputable casino agent who has capabilities with any online casino Malaysia you are looking in to, you would be requested to transfer funds to a specified account. Offshore accounts take the money and then the hired agent will operate to put your trusted money into an account on the specified online casino site within Malaysia. Once the deposit is complete the agent can then forward any login details so that the player can take over the account and start making their real money bets.

What is needed to open up an account with a casino agent?

Many online casino agents pride themselves in allowing their customers to remain anonymous at all times. In an age where data and personal information is frequently at risk online, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing that some agents prefer to not ask for proof of identification.

Of course, there are some laws on the age of gambling which will influence whether or not an individual should be looking at gambling online, but online privacy is a primary feature for many of the offshore casino agents online.

If your specially selected casino agent was joining you up to Newtown Malaysia, they would simply accept your request that you needed an account, they’d set up the gambling account with the casino and then pass on the details to you. An extra bonus here for privacy is that when the account is made there is no reference at all as to who you are and the account is given a completely random name and password.

Is there anything to be wary of?

There are many reputable online casino agents who are all there to help you out and have adequate customer services ready to deal with any questions or queries you may have. However, there may be some agents mixed into the listings who are not as reputable as the others.

If some of the agency sites are looking for personal details or copies of legal documents there may be something going on behind the scenes. As we’ve already mentioned, there are many agency sites who do not ask for any kind of ID or personal details, so why would another operator be asking for them?

Do some research into the online casino agents first before signing on the dotted line at any point. If the reviews are good and your gut still says no, listen to it and find another respectable casino agent.

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