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  • January 7, 2020

Banks and financial institutions are prohibited by law from making transactions with any form of online gambling company. This is why it is practically impossible for Malaysian players to sign up to online casinos such as Pussy888 Malaysia directly. Instead, players will have to find a ‘casino agent’ who will act as a middle man.

Players in Malaysia will have to send the casino agent the money they wish to deposit at Pussy888. That agent will then use their own offshore bank accounts to deposit that amount into Pussy888. Once that deposit is complete, they will give the login details for that Pussy888 casino account.

Yes, this all sounds a little complicated but fortunately, you are in the right place to get a better understanding of it. Our Pussy888 Malaysia guide will give you all of the information needed to get you up and running at an online casino such as Pussy888.


Do I need a ‘casino agent’ if I want to play real money games?

Yes, if you want to be able to wager real money in Malaysia at Pussy888 casino, you will need to use a casino agent. That is unless you have an offshore bank account that you can use. Fortunately, you should not have trouble finding a casino agent that works out of Malaysia. There are plenty of them around and they can be found easily be found via a major search engine.

Casino agents in Malaysia are usually very good as well. On average, they have a good reputation when it comes to providing responsive 24/7 customer service, some increasingly good bonuses and promotions, and completing transactions quickly.

Once a player has access to a loaded Pussy888 casino account they will connect to that account via the backend of the casino agents website. That connection is completely encrypted so that your activity online is totally anonymous.


How do I access Pussy888 Malaysia?

In order to gain access to Pussy888 Malaysia, you will need to get hold of a username and a password. As previously mentioned, that is done by contacting and making an agreement with a casino agent. Once you have been given the login details for an account and have given the money to the agent to load the account, you can start playing the slots, table games, fishing games, and live dealer games that Pussy888 Malaysia has to offer.

Follow these simple steps to start enjoying the fantastic online casino action at Pussy888:

  1. Search for a casino agent that offers good quality customer support on a 24/7 basis, good bonuses and promotions, and has a good reputation.
  2. Download the Pussy888 Malaysia APK file and install it.
  3. Create an account on the casino agents website  and deposit money that you want to play with.
  4. Wait for the casino agent to deposit money into an account and give you the username and password.

Also, before making a deposit, make sure that you have checked out all of the welcome bonuses that your casino agent might be offering. These bonuses can give you even more money to play with on top of your first deposit.


Are there bonus codes Malaysian players can use?

As well as some worthwhile welcome bonuses, most casino agents will also offer a number of regular bonus codes that you can take advantage of. When you visit the website of one of these casino agents, you will usually find a page that is dedicated to these promotions. We suggest taking a good look at these promotions and their terms and conditions.

Here are just some of the more common bonuses and promotions that you will find which can be used at Pussy888 Malaysia:

  • Welcome bonuses worth as much as a 150% match deposit
  • Refer-a-friend to get 30% of your friends first deposit
  • 3% normal deposit bonus
  • 20% daily combo bonus

The best value will always come from the welcome bonus but it is important to realize that these can only be used once. There is still some good value available from the standard bonuses, however.


Which bonuses are the best for Pussy888 Malaysia?

First impressions are usually good when you clap eyes on a new bonus. However, it is important to understand how casino bonuses work and that they are not always as good as they might seem. As an example:

  1. 100% deposit bonus up to 1000 MYR/SGD (50x wagering requirements)
  2. 100% deposit bonus up to 500 MYR/SGD (15x wagering requirements)

The first thing that catches the eye is that one bonus offers more bonus cash. 1,000 MYR/SGD sounds a lot better than 500 MYR/SGD. However, it is the wagering requirements that should be taken notice of. Before you can withdraw any of the bonus money for either bonus, you will have to wager that bonus cash 50x and 15x respectively. This means that the second deal actually offers the best value.

Always keep an eye out on those wagering requirements before playing at Pussy888 Malaysia and indeed any other terms and conditions attached to a bonus. You may find other terms such as:

  • A cap on the amount you can win when playing with bonus cash
  • A maximum bet limit on certain games
  • Certain games not contributing towards the wagering requirements


Why do I need casino agents to play Pussy888 Malaysia?

While there are no laws that specifically state that online gambling is illegal in Malaysia, banks and financial institutions are not allowed to transact with any gambling entity. This means you will have trouble when trying to send money into the account of an online casino such as Pussy888 Malaysia.

For that reason, players need to rely on casino agents to handle their transactions to and from these online casinos. They have numerous accounts at places like Pussy888 Malaysia and once they have received a deposit from you, can load them up and give you the login details.

  • You send your deposit to the casino agent
  • He deposits that amount into a Pussy888 account
  • Login details are given to you by that agent
  • You login to your account via the agents website and start playing


When playing at Pussy888 Malaysia, is my connection safe?

When you connect to Pussy888 Malaysia using your Android or iOS device you can have the peace of mind that your connection is safe. They use encryption technology on the backend of their website which acts in a similar way to a VPN. All data that is sent and received after it leaves the backed of the agents site is completely private and totally anonymous. There is no way that anyone will be able to know that you were at Pussy888 Malaysia casino.


How should I use the casino agents website?

As previously mentioned, once you have made your deposit and been given a username and password to a Pussy888 Malaysia casino account, you need to log into the casino agents website. From here you will be able to connect to and log in to your now loaded account.

Before an agent will give you those login details, they will require proof that you have sent them your desired deposit. Ideally, a receipt is the best way to do this. Most agents will accept payments directly into their offshore bank accounts and this can be done by bank transfer, bank deposit, or even via online banking.

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