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  • January 7, 2020

There are more than 200 Pussy888 slots available to play with most of these having been developed by the experienced hands of Playtech. As huge fans of all kinds of online slots, we often review the latest and greatest from Playtech and the many other leading software developers.

How to Enjoy Pussy888 slots on your mobile device

T find the answer that question, you have found yourself in the ideal place. This guide will tell you everything that you need to know in order to enjoy the many Pussy888 slots available on the mobile casino.

The first step on your way to spinning the reels on Pussy888 is to download the mobile casino app. This can be found on the website of one of the numerous casino agents. A casino agent will also be able to give you the login for an account Pussy888 once you have it installed on your Android, iOS or Windows device.

Make sure that you do your research and find a casino agent that is reputable. They should be able to provide you with 24/7 support, give you great bonuses to use at Pussy888, and be quick to deposit or withdraw to your casino account. Once you have found one, send some money to his bank so that he can load up an account and hand over the login details.


All you need to know about Pussy888 slots

There is a big reason why the Pussy888 slots are some of the best to play in Asia. That is the fact that the majority of them have been developed by Playtech. This is a games develop that needs very little introduction as they are regarded as one of the best in the world.

Most of there slots offer an RTP of around 95 or 96% and there are so many themes, reel formats, and bonus features to enjoy as well. Containing some superb graphics and animations, you will be able to enjoy reel formats such as the following on the Pussy888 slots:

  • Golden Tour – 5 paylines
  • Top Gun – 243 ways to win
  • Dolphin Reef – 20 paylines
  • Cat Queen – 40 paylines
  • Buffalo Blitz – 4,096 ways to win


Our review process for Pussy888 slots

We share your love and passion for online slots. Our dedicated team has spent many years playing at online casinos and are the perfect source of expertise and experience to call upon for online slots that we review. We will send them off to play a particular slot for an extended period of time.

This will be days and weeks rather than just a single session.  They will then come back and write a review that discusses the graphics, animations, bonus features, theme, variance, and every other aspect of the slot that they are playing.

Whether Pussy888 slots or online slots from another casino, we want an honest and transparent review from our testers. This means playing the slot for a longer period of time so that they can trigger the main features on a number of occasions. This will give them a better idea of how frequent these bonus rounds trigger and how lucrative they are on average.


Understanding RTP and slot variance

Variance which is otherwise called volatility, is a measure of an online slot in terms of how much it pays out on average and how frequently. Some online slots will make you wait a lot of time and many spins before they give you a payout but generally, when that happens, those payouts will be big. Others operate on the opposite scale of that while some will fall somewhere in the middle.

This is how slots with certain variance levels will payout over time:

  • Low variance – These slots will payout very frequently but will give smaller wins on average.
  • Medium variance – This type of slot is the somewhere between low and high variance slots. They will pay out fairly frequently and provide some decent wins usually.
  • High variance – Paying out larger sums is what these slots do but you may have to wait a while for them.

As for RTP, this stands for return-to-player and is the expected return a player can expect from an online slot over an extended period of time. Most Pussy888 slots have an RTP of around 95% so this means that a player can expect around 95% of their wagers back from a particular slot over a LONG period of time.

We bolded and capitalized long simply because a player cannot always expect 95% back from every session that they play. Slots are random after all, so a player could have a good day winning 200% of their wager while another may lose all of their bankroll and win 0%. Over thousands and thousands of spins however, each online slot will return 95% of the wagers it receives to the players.


Pussy888 Progressive jackpot slots

The Playtech games catalog as we mentioned previously, contains hundreds of slots. While most of these are a mix of classic and modern video slots, players will also find a good little selection of progressive jackpot slots. Some of the Pussy888 slots are these progressive slots from Playtech and these can payout obscene amounts of money.

Rather than having a local/fixed jackpot, these progressive jackpot slots are part of a network. They all contribute to a shared jackpot as and when players wager bets on them. The jackpot continues to grow until somebody wins it and this means that the jackpots can grow into multiples of millions.

  • Staggering jackpots can be created
  • Is a shared network jackpot
  • A small percentage of every wager contributes to the growing jackpot


Pussy888 slots FAQ

What Pussy888 slot bonuses can I use?

This will depend on the casino agent that you choose. You will not be communicating directly with Pussy888 casino. This will be done by your casino agent who will be offered incentives for attracting players like you to the mobile casino. They will be offered certain bonuses and promotions that they can hand down to any player that is interested in playing Pussy888 slots.

Why as Playtech slots so popular?

Simply because they are one of the oldest and most respected casino software developers. They have been developing slots for 20-years and are renowned for the high quality graphics, animations, and gameplay that they provide.

Can I change the language when playing Pussy888 slots?

Again, you will have to speak to your casino agent to make sure that you download the Pussy888 mobile app in the correct language. This will save you any problems when playing at the casino.

Learn more about Pussy888 on the main page.

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