Pyramid Jacks or Better Video Poker
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  • December 25, 2020
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If you enjoy a game of video poker but are getting tired of the same old 5-card variations, then Pyramid Jacks or Better is a good choice. This game follows a similar play-style to the regular 5-card video poker games, except for how you win.

The rest of the game is the same, but instead of just having one chance to win, here you can win up to three times off a single hand. This is all due to the pyramid structure of the cards and how they are divided into three distinct ‘zones’.

Don’t let the zones scare you, it’s actually very self-explanatory. All you need to do is read the winning combination blocks at the top of your screen and you’ll quickly be on your way to victory. This game still only uses one deck, so you won’t have to worry about worse odds.

How To Win On Pyramid Jacks or Better

 How you win is the main difference between this game and other video poker games developed by BetSoft. Instead of just having one set of winning combinations for all five cards, this game offers another two ways to win. They look at both the first three cards and the last three cards, to find more ways for you to win. The maximum jackpot that you can win is 4,200 coins if you max out your bets.

First Three Cards & Last Three Cards

    1. Jacks or Better
    2. Flush
    3. Straight
    4. Three of a Kind
    5. Straight Flush
    6. Wild Royal Flush – only made up of three cards

All 5 Cards

    1. Jacks or Better
    2. Two Pair
    3. Three of a Kind
    4. Straight
    5. Flush
    6. Full House
    7. Four of a kind
    8. Straight Flush
    9. Natural Royal Flush

How To Bet On Pyramid Jacks or Better

 Betting is slightly more complicated, but not much. All you have to remember is that you have three different options to win, which means you also have three different options to bet. The only way you can stand to win from all three zones is by betting on all three zones.

Once you’ve chosen your denomination by clicking on the button in the bottom corner, you’ll be able to bet on the zones you want. The following bets can be made:

  1. Only All Five Cards
  2. All Five Cards & The First Three Cards
  3. All Five Cards & The First Three Cards & The Last Three Cards

As you can see, you can only bet on the two other zones if your first bet on all five cards. This is the minimum that you can bet to play this game. The minimum amount of coins per bet is one, and the maximum is five. The more you bet per zone, the better the potential payouts are. If you decide to bet 5 coins on all three zones, you can win a total of 4,200 coins.

How to Play Pyramid Jacks or Better

 In Pyramid Jacks or Better, you will also be dealt 5-cards and have to choose whether to ‘hold’ some/all of the cards or discard them. If you choose to hold on to cards, you can do so by clicking on them or on the button underneath them. The next step is to discard the rest of your cards and replace them with new ones. This happens automatically when you click ‘deal’ for the second time.

At this point, the game will be over. You will have your final 5 cards in your hand and depending on what zones you bet on, your winning combinations will be identified and your payout calculated.

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