Easy Slider Mobile Slot Review
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  • August 16, 2020

Easy Slider 25 line and 5 reel video slot machine from Next Generation gaming comes with brand new features to the gaming industry; SlideaWild™ and Easy Slider™!

Never has such a brilliant slot machine been louder, more intense and better than Easy Slider. It is a virtual slot that gives the player the chance to choose how intense their playing session is with the combination of features that derived from the hit movie Easy Rider.

Other features enrolled into this titanic Rock and Roll themed slot include 15 free spins with multipliers that buzz up to the x12 mark and there are stacked wilds rolling on all the reels regardless if that reel has been selected or not.

‘SlideaWild™ allows players to use an in-game interactive slider that will boost the wild multiplier on the reel as they increase the slider to increase the risk for bigger pay-outs’

With such an exciting feature giving players control over the multiplier values, this maximises the player experience and hands over the ability for the player to dictate how the features on Easy Slider are implemented into their session. It is almost as if they are choosing the variable they want from the featured included making them a designer of their own slot so to speak.

‘WHIZZ-BY is another brilliant feature that raises the anticipation level of the player’

Players can begin to anticipate a big win using their own experience of playing slots. When 2 scatters land the anticipation begins as a special game feature kicks in. In one feature players see wilds fully stacked up and the motorised reels ignite into chrome and steel flames as the engine begins to roar, there is a big win around the corner. The reels spin will last longer as players wait and wait to build up the excitement because they will already know that they about to be paid out handsomely!

 ‘All this is rolled into an exciting motorcycle theme based on the concept of freedom and escape in a scenic setting with windy country roads traversing through rocky red canyons’

Slot players will be involved in blistering action getting away from the rat race and letting rip in the great US countryside and mountainous regions. The Rock and Roll theme adds to the adventure as bad boys skid and slides to sound of mesmeric electric guitars accompanying the adventurous race for riches on the open road.

‘As Next Generation Gaming’s designers said themselves – Easy Slider was designed to give players the option to play from “from mild to WILD

Easy Slider is the ultimate slot for the thrill-seekers out there. It is loud, roaring with action and brilliantly designed with some amazing graphical features bursting out of the screen. The player control over game variance controlling the variable volatility of the gameplay and the inclusion of roaring and flaming motorcycles gives this slot and all-round appeal to almost every slot player out there.

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