Golden Eggs Online Slot Review
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  • February 5, 2021

This is a great game if you love a bit a farmyard fun. Get inside the chicken pen where golden eggs are laid by a priceless set of nine of chickens. Get all nine chickens with a golden egg day, and you’ll be in for a massive 10,000x multiplier of your stake. This is yet another fabulous 3D scratch card machine rolling in money, scratch, and fun into one.

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How to Play

It’s really easy to play this game. Just click on the ‘new’ button situated on the betting panel on the right hand side of the screen. You can then start giving the chickens a nudge with your pointer one-by-one to get them to lay an egg. The chickens don’t always lay golden eggs, or that would be too easy! However, when they do, you can start counting them up in the hope that your bet will earn a multiplier between x1 and x1,000.

Setting your Stakes

This is also an easy part of the game. Choose one of three stake options that start at $0.50 a bet. The next level up is $1.00 and the highest stake bet that you can make is $5.00. The top stake is the ticket to the $50,000 max cash jackpot. Choosing your stakes is done via the ‘choose bet’ option on the bottom right hand side of the betting panel.


It doesn’t take a genius to work out the pay-outs, but it takes a little understanding of how the multipliers work to understand your cash remuneration. The multipliers start at x1 for getting two hens out of the nine to hatch at least two golden eggs.

Open All

You don’t have to click on all the hens one-by-one. You can use the ‘open all’ option. This will then cause a flurried egg laying session with all nine hens shaking it about to rustle out an egg and they’ll do this all at the same time. Your win will then be instantly calculated and paid out.


Use the auto-play option to play multiple games. You will not get the option to select the hens during the auto-play session, so this is effectively a string of games that reveal the prizes in the same way the ‘open all’ option would.

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