Texas Hold’em Poker Casino Table Game Guide
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  • February 14, 2021
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In this Poker casino table game, you are essentially playing a fixed limit game with no raising.

The decision is purely on the player and never put on the dealer. The dealer literally just sits there and lets you do all the betting until the showdown, and then he/she will reveal the cards.


The ante will pay for anything that is a flush or higher. If you win in a hand with any rank beating the dealer, the 3 bets for the pre-flop, flop, and turn will all be paid back at even odds.

Sequence of Play


You bet the ante to receive your cards. From here you decide whether you want to see the flop, which is then a bet of double of your ante. To do this just click ‘play’.

Once the double bet is down this means you have 3 bets on the table. If this was a $5.00 ante bet, then the flop bet is $10.00 more meaning you now have $15.00 in the pot.

The Flop

On the flop, you have the choice to bet or check. To check means you don’t have to lay down any more money, and you will see the 4th card, which is the turn card for free. However, you can also bet at this point, and that means just adding a single bet. Following on from the example above this would be another $5.00 bringing your total up to $20.00 now.

The Turn

On the turn, you have exactly the same check or bet options as you do on the flop. If you decide to bet, which means pressing ‘play’ instead of ‘check’ then you will lay down another bet. Again following on from the previous example this would be another $5.00 and you would now have $25.00 if you bet all the way. However, if you checked on the flop and bet the turn, you would only have $20.00 out there.

The Showdown

After you have bet the turn, the showdown is imminent because there are no bets. If you win, then all bets are paid back at even odds with the exception of the ante that will only payout if you have a flush or higher.


The dealer and you both only have a 3-1 chance of hitting the flop. The idea is to always play pairs, and also always play high cards. Low suited connectors or nay low cards are really not worth the hassle.

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