The Ins and Outs of Microgaming and How They Work
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  • April 21, 2021
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There is a software supplier that is considered as one of the leaders within the industry, and as such we are going to learn the ins and outs of Microgaming!

Established in 1994, Microgaming has become one of the industry’s most respected software providers. They provide top-quality casino games on an international scale but their other claim to fame is that they were the first company to offer online gaming. It was called The Gaming Club.

Ins and Outs of Microgaming History

Back in 1994, when online gaming was still in its youth, Microgaming was able to capitalize on this niche market. It used this opportunity to plant its place solidly within the industry. Fast forward more than twenty-five years, and Microgaming continues to be a market leader by continuously improving and developing its software.

They provide high-definition graphics, a modern user-friendly interface, popular themes, and realistic animation. The time and effort gone into the development of these products are truly to be admired, and it is no wonder they find themselves as front runners in a huge marketplace.

With over 850 exceptional games in its catalogue, Microgaming offers popular games with classics such as video poker, baccarat, and of course the ever-popular favourites Roulette and Blackjack. These games will forever be played due to the fun, exciting nature of the game, but also the big money wins associated with them. It is becoming more common to hear fairytale stories of people winning in the millions. The life-changing sums are more commonly found with the fruit machine-style game. One in particular, Mega Moolah, was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for paying out one of its mega jackpots.

Payouts have amassed over half a billion Euros (€500,000,000) and continue to rise second by second. People are being rewarded for their loyalty with huge winnings that will provide them with a financially stress-free life and indeed that too for their children.

How Do Microgaming Slots Actually Work?

Progressive Jackpots on a slot game increase in seemingly no time at all. This is due to the pool sharing system where casinos link the games so that a small percentage of each player’s stake is shared between all the casinos. This will add to the players’ potential jackpot far quicker than if it was just one player, one jackpot.

It is fair to say that all players want to know how to win the ‘big one’ and the games vary from game to game. It is important to note that a player will have a far better chance of winning the jackpot if they are playing on a higher stake. What’s more, it is not possible to win the jackpot on these games through a sequence of free spins or bonus games. A good example of this would be with Mega Moolah. This game awards the progressive jackpot at random.

Another thing that keeps the excitement and interest is that some Microgaming slots, , have a 3 or four-tier jackpot system and they give the opportunity to win one out of three or four different progressive prizes, commonly called the Mini (regular), Minor, Major (super), and Mega jackpots.

As soon the prize is won, the pool starts accumulating again. It will never begin from zero, it will be a seeded number that is predetermined. The size of this seed and is contributed by Microgaming. On some Microgaming slots, the seed amounts to £1 million. This is to give fans the motivation to continue playing, as it now seems that life-changing money is once again within their grasp.

On a final note, the currency that it is paid out in is not necessarily that of the local currency. If you are playing for MYR, then you will be paid in MYR. This is great because if your local currency becomes weaker against the $dollar then it will be like you have won more.

3 Popular Microgaming Slots

Fruit Fiesta: a game that is in the style of the classic fruit machine. A timeless classic!

Mega Moolah Isis: arguably the most popular of all slots, as it offers the players a chance to win the highest payouts!

Major Millions: another popular game due to its high rewards. The Millionaire Maker!

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